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Looking Back on 2023

Teacher Artwork by Keven Stapleton

Thank you for making 2023 such an awesome year!  Despite such a turbulent year, it was great to see so many of you choose to better yourselves as artists.  The team at Syn Studio has worked hard to bring you the best learning options, new teachers and new ways to make our services more affordable.

As we look to the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to look back on some of the highlights from 2023.  Syn Studio had a lot of exciting updates throughout the year and we have a few more projects in the works for the future.


Fall 2023 saw us expand our portfolio review sessions that were previously only available to full time students (3 or more classes).  While these review sessions are still free for full time students,  anyone can now reserve a session for only $30. 

The schedule of these sessions is dependent on the availability of our reviewers.  Last term we had 6 different artists reviewing portfolios!  We will be announcing the new reviewers and their time slots in a few weeks.

Why get a portfolio review?

Syn Studio’s classes are a big commitment, both in time and finances.  Getting a portfolio review can help you figure out where you need to improve.  That means you can figure out which class is right for you before committing to a class or two.


2023 saw the long awaited return of Onsite Classes!

We partnered with some of our teachers to provide our classes at their studios.  We know many of you still want more and we will see what 2024 brings!


This year we only had three webinars: Observational Sketching with Sorie Kim, The Story of Storyboarding with John Mathot and A Career in Animation with Mike Wiesmeier.

John’s webinar was one of our most popular yet and was a great spotlight on an underappreciated part of the entertainment industry.

Which webinar was your favourite in 2023?  We will announce the next webinar soon!  Feel free to let us know which artists you’d like to hear from!


Syn Studio was proud to welcome Sunshine Kim to our roster of teachers this year!

She has proven to not only be a popular teacher but her students have nothing but great things to say about her class!
This winter, Sunshine will be teaching Character Rendering!


Syn Studio is always trying to bring you new classes based on your needs and the skills of our teachers.

This year saw the introduction of some fun new classes:

Advanced Figure Drawing with Amirhossein Yaghoobi

Digital Figure Painting with Sunshine Kim

Cut Out Animation with Mike Wiesmeier

Did you take any of these classes?

We have more new classes in the works for 2024.  We will let you know more soon!

Collage of Student artwork by Shimon Alankri, Yosef Roitman and Jose Islas

Fundamentals Bootcamp

This year also saw the introduction of our Fundamentals Bootcamp.  The Fundamentals Bootcamp is divided into two sections.  These classes are what we consider quintessential learning from Syn Studio.  The classes that have been selected will teach you the skills that all artists should have in their repertoire.  

Each section features 4 classes so that you still have plenty of time for homework without being overwhelmed.  Best of all, the Fundamentals Bootcamp comes at a discounted price, compared to buying each class individually and you get free access to the webinar offered the same term you take the bootcamp.

Part I:
Analytical Sketching
Drawing the Human Form
Fundamentals of Perspective
Intro to Digital Painting

Part II:
Constructive Figure Drawing
Digital Painting
Digital Sketching for Production
Dynamic Drawing


Perhaps the most exciting news of the year was the launch of our Online Concept Art Program!

This 12 month program gives you concept art training that will allow you to create a professional level concept art portfolio.  Best of all this program allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home.  With the rising costs of living in most parts of the world, the Online Concept Art Program means that you can train for your dream job without breaking the bank. 

Our first batch of students started in September and their hard work is already paying off.  They have already improved so much and we are excited to show off their art next year!

More to come in 2024

Thank you for making 2023 such an amazing year for Syn Studio.  We are so proud to see the artistic growth of our students and we are eager to see what you create in 2024!  In the New Year we will announce the next batch of portfolio review sessions, our next webinars, and more! 


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