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Art Classes in Montreal

Teacher Artwork by Elkhan Kildibekov

Concept Art & Illustration Classes in Montreal

Intro to Digital Painting

Strengthen your art fundamentals and gain proficiency in the most essential Photoshop tools and adjustments so you can create competent digital sketches

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Digital Painting

Learn and master the essential Photoshop tools and techniques so you can maximize your efficiency and create visually appealing digital paintings

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Digital Sketching for Production

Learn to draw and render effectively and efficiently using Photoshop and enhance your knowledge of fundamentals to create credible concept art

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Intro to Concept Art

Learn a powerful method of visual communication and gain proficiency in shape design and language so you can convey your ideas through your concepts in a compelling manner

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Character Rendering

Learn the best methods for posing and painting your characters and rendering skin, hair and clothing so they look professional and well rendered

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Intro to Environment Design

Learn to design environments that drive the storyline and enhance the overall audience experience

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Composition, Lighting and Illustration

Learn to effectively compose an image and choose the optimal light source so you can create the desired mood and atmosphere for your illustrations

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Prop and Vehicle Design

Learn a powerful process, to create interesting props and vehicle designs that wow the audience, drive the story and perfectly blend with any given art direction

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Environment Design

Learn the best methods and techniques used by top industry professionals for designing a variety of realistic environment concepts

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