Art Classes in Montreal


Drawing from Life

Level •••

  • Learn the five basic skills of drawing
  • Our blend of traditional and modern teaching styles helps everyone learn to draw realistically
  • Draw in a warm and cosy atmosphere
  • Our innovative teaching methods are recognized by the English Montreal School Board where we've trained dozens of art teachers

Drawing the Human Form

Level ••••

  • Become comfortable, confident and competent drawing live models
  • Truly understand the human body in three dimensions so you can bring out the form no matter what the model's position or how foreshortened the pose.
  • Learn some tips and tricks for drawing a more convincing and life-like silhouette that even many professionals don't know!

Analytical Sketching

Level ••••

  • Gain a powerful method to sketch anything with speed and accuracy
  • Learn to construct your drawings and draw-through just like the top artists in the entertainment industry as well as in commercial and fine art
  • Develop a strong foundation for drawing from life and design from imagination

Dynamic Drawing

Level ••••

  • Learn five essential techniques for constructing your drawings
  • Understand how to represent movement
  • Overcome your perceptual limitations and develop a trained eye
  • Understand the three most common mistakes artists make when trying to draw moving bodies and objects and learn to avoid them

Urban Sketching in Perspective

Level ••••

  • Become proficient in one of the most important skills in visual arts: drawing in perspective!
  • Understand the 5 most common mistakes which make your drawings look less realistic and learn how to avoid them
  • Acquire a step-by-step method for analyzing any urban scene or constructing your own realistic and well-rendered objects and environments

Drawing Animals

Level ••••

  • Understand how to represent the characteristic features, gestures and poses of a large range of wildlife
  • Learn to effectively render textures such as fur, feathers and scales
  • Seize this rare opportunity to study with a master of nature illustration!

Constructive Figure Drawing

Level •••

  • Gain expertise in representing the human figure as a combination of simple forms so you represent the human body from imagination with proper proportion, volume and depth.
  • Become proficient in visualizing the head as a series of planes so you can accurately construct and render the human head from imagination
  • Learn how light describes form and creates volume so you can apply correct shading to any figure to make it appear 3-dimensional.

Advanced Anatomy

Level •••

  • Learn to create convincing drawings which demonstrate advanced knowledge of skeletal structure and musculature
  • Develop your drawings quickly and efficiently with confident lines
  • Learn to draw facial features expertly
  • Master hands and feet

Dynamic Anatomy

Level •••

  • Become proficient in breaking down your subject into simple forms and defining gestures so you can depict the illusion of movement in your drawings
  • Learn how the flexibility, shape and configuration of the axial and appendicular skeleton groups affects the balance and range of movements so you can create dynamic, well defined and lifelike drawings 
  • Understand how structure and form work together to create dynamic balance so you can build anatomically correct and detailed figures from gesture

Advanced Figure Drawing

Level •••

  • Learn the most powerful techniques to beautifully depict male and female figures
  • Understand how the most important joints of the human body allow our characteristic movements so that you can construct authentic and lifelike figures in motion
  • Gain expertise in representing the major muscle groups in a variety of poses so you can convincingly depict both male and female forms


Foundations of Painting

Level ••••

  • Learn a basic, step-by-step method for direct painting that's so fast and efficient that teachers from other schools come to take this class!
  • Get comfortable mixing colours, blending tones, and working in oil
  • Understand how to use tonality, intensity, and colour temperature to create form, depth, strong compositions, contrasts, and harmonies

Special Classes

Intro to Digital Painting

Level ••••

  • Strengthen your art fundamentals and become proficient with using your tablet so you can create competent digital sketches
  • Gain proficiency in the most essential Photoshop tools and adjustments that concept artists use everyday
  • Gain expertise in creating and customizing your own brushes in Photoshop to improve your workflow, explore inspiring shapes and create desired effects

Digital Painting

Level •••

  • Learn to maximize your efficiency with a master of speedpainting
  • Master the 5 most useful tools in Photoshop
  • Understand how to avoid the 3 common mistakes that slow your progress and hinder your painting

Digital Sketching for Production

Level •••

  • Gain mastery in the fundamentals so you can create stunningly realistic digital illustration
  • Learn how to draw and render effectively and efficiently using Photoshop
  • Understand how to leverage your increased knowledge of fundamentals so you can speed up your workflow while creating more credible concept art

Intro to Concept Art

Level •••

  • Become proficient in a powerful method of visual communication so you can convey your ideas through your concepts in a compelling manner
  • Gain proficiency in shape design and language so you can easily create multiple concepts with differing personalities
  • Acquire expertise in all the steps in the concept art process so you can create visually stunning concept art pieces

Environment Sketching (French)

Level ••••

  • Enhance your observation skills so you can improve your visual memory and quickly sketch environment concepts in an efficient manner
  • Gain proficiency in effectively composing an image so you can produce captivating environment sketches that enhance the viewer’s visual experience
  • Learn the essential skills required to accurately measure complex angles from life and depict elements of the natural world so you can accurately sketch a variety of visually appealing landscapes

Character Rendering

Level •••

  • Become proficient posing and painting your characters and giving them a feeling of weight and volume.
  • Understand the five most common mistakes which make your character paintings look unprofessional and learn to avoid them
  • Learn the best methods for rendering skin, hair and clothing.

Composition, Lighting and Illustration

Level ••••

  • Become proficient in the essential principles of composition so you can create realistic and visually compelling illustrations
  • Acquire the skills to quickly create a variety of unique and interesting thumbnail sketches so you have strong base for your final illustration.
  • Learn how to effectively choose the optimal light source so you can create the desired mood and atmosphere for your illustrations

Environment Design

Level ••••

  • Understand the best methods and techniques for designing landscapes and cityscapes
  • Learn to avoid the 3 critical mistakes which diminish the impact of your environment
  • Master the art of creating atmosphere and haze without losing details

Portfolio Development

Level ••••

  • Gain essential skills and get one-on-one coaching from a top concept artist so you can take each of your portfolio pieces to the next level - up to AAA level quality!
  • Become proficient in identifying your strengths and specialization so you can modify your portfolio to showcase your competencies and artistic direction
  • Avoid the pitfalls that reduce the effectiveness of your portfolio so you can build a portfolio that can make you a top candidate for any top educational program, AAA or Indie job

Making Comics

Level General

  • Receive coaching from a professional comic book artist and make your own 3 page mini-comic that you can be proud of
  • Learn effective techniques for all major steps of the comic-book making process: layouts, penciling, inking, lettering and colouring
  • Learn a few tricks in Photoshop and Illustrator that will save you hours of work

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