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Drawing of a Bird

    Teacher Information

    Marc Lalumière is an illustrator and art director with over 22 years of professional experience. He specializes in scientific and nature illustration and his work can be seen in museums, textbooks and encyclopedias as well as in advertising. Marc is also a passionate educator with over five years of teaching experience.

    Course Outline

    In this course you will learn to accurately and spontaneously draw the natural world. Each animal drawing class begins with a short presentation on anatomical features and behaviour. This is followed by a series of sketches to study anatomy, movement, skin textures (fur, scales, feathers) and explore different drawing techniques while receiving personalized feedback and correction from the instructor. Each species studied will be completed with a final drawing to be presented the following week.

    Week 1 - Understand the basics of sketching animals and learn to draw cetaceans and fish.

    Week 2 - Learn different sketching techniques and how to draw insects.

    Week 3 - Understand how to render scales as you draw live reptiles and snakes.

    Week 4 - Take a class field trip to the Redpath museum to sketch dinosaur bones. Illustrate a living dinosaur using what you learned about reptiles to represent realistic muscles and skin around the skeleton.

    Weeks 5 and 6 - Understand the anatomy and movement of canines and felines so you can draw any kind of wild or domestic cat or dog. Develop your skills sketching live cats and dogs.

    Week 7 - Learn how to draw convincing birds, using a live bird as a subject.

    Week 8 - Understand how to design believable creatures, inspired by real-world animal anatomy. Learn to do effective research and silhouette studies.

    Week 9 - Become more proficient at designing credible creatures by adapting your creature's anatomical features to its environment. Make your audience believe your creature could really feed, reproduce and survive. Learn to produce a finished illustration you can use in your portfolio.

    Week 10 - Understand how to effectively present your fantasy creature to an audience. Then wrap up the course by developing your proficiency in drawing various skulls (beaver, coyote, lynx, etc.) to better comprehend the anatomical variation of the natural world and all the possibilities.



    Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM

    Date of first class: April 14th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: English

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    Would you like to be able to elegantly and accurately depict the natural world in your art? Ideal for those interested in illustration, concept art, animation, comics or fine art, this course gives you the techniques and anatomical knowledge required to beautifully and believably draw a wide variety of species from cat to cactus and dog to dragonfly. You will learn to use line, tone, texture and composition to create convincing sketches of creatures, both real and imaginary.

    Through gesture drawing and rotation studies of models, photo reference and life drawing, you will build your visual library and learn to represent the essential anatomical and behavioral elements which make each type of living being unique. You will also complete texture studies and learn to render specific features while receiving one-on-one feedback and correction from the instructor. As a final project, you will use all that you learnt in the class to create your own fantastic creature by combining two different animals within a natural environment

    By the end of this class, you will have the skills and knowledge to quickly and accurately sketch a wide variety of species, especially animals. You will have the tools necessary to create compelling nature illustrations, credible creature designs, more believable comics and animation and beautiful fine art studies. You will have several new pieces for your portfolio and the experience of having taken one of the most fun classes that Syn Studio has to offer!


    This class is a level 2, or intermediate class. Drawing from Life or equivalent experience (having a foundation in the basics of realistic drawing, such as basic perspective, proportion and shading) is required.

    Language requirements : You need at least intermediate level English OR French to take this class (the teacher is bilingual and can explain concepts and give feedback in both languages).



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    • Understand how to represent the characteristic features, gestures and poses of a large range of wildlife
    • Learn to effectively render textures such as fur, feathers and scales
    • Seize this rare opportunity to study with a master of nature illustration!

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