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An elite training program where you study with top industry artists working in Concept Art and Illustration

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    How It Works

    Do your art skills and portfolio need a major boost so you can get where you want to go in the industry? Are you passionate about getting to the next level as soon possible? If so, then you may be a good candidate for Syn Studio's Full Time Intensive Training Program.

    Syn Studio's Full Time Intensive Training Program works to give you the fastest results by:

    1) IMMERSION : You will be in the studio all day, and on evenings and weekends, surrounded by passionate artists working in the industry and rapidly progressing students. Immersion is the best way to learn any skill, not just language.

    2) MASTER COACHING : We'll take you to the next-level and beyond with master coaching and in-depth courses given by top industry artists. The industry is highly competitive. Think of anyone at the top of any highly competitive field; did they have master coaching? You bet they did!

    3) DEEP PRACTICE : Not all ways of practising lead to rapid improvement. The Full Time Intensive Training Program is specially designed to ensure that you're practising the right things, the right way and for the right amount of time.

    You can choose to study for 1 (10 weeks) or 2 (20 weeks) terms. Each term consists of 5 courses per term. At the end of each term there is a student art show where your course work and portfolio will be seen by top art directors, producers and HR in the local industry and you will have the chance to make valuable connections and hopefully get hired!

    *Classes can also be taken individually for those wishing to do so. Part time students can register for classes individually on our classes page.


    "Montreal is a city replete with artists of astonishing skill and value. One of the schools here that help this fact is Syn Studio; a school of high caliber. Having taken a few courses there myself, I can attest that their dedication to training people, in the core principles of art, is excellent. From concept art, regarding environment & character design, to foundation fundamentals such as life drawing and more; Syn Studio is the school that will ensure you get the artistic education to push you forward into a stellar career."

    -  Sean Samuels, Senior Matte Painter / Concept Artist at Atomic Fiction


    "The time I have spent at Syn Studio helped me improve and become a concept artist in the video game industry. At Syn Studio, you receive technical knowledge from artists that are already working in the field. If you’re serious about your goals, then this is a good place for learning, networking and working like crazy on your portfolio with people as passionate as you are."

    - Emylie Boivin, Concept artist at Frima


    "When I arrived in Montreal just over 3 years ago; wanting to try and make a career from art – I knew no one, and was armed with pretty mediocre painting skills. As I type this, it’s been 6 months since I started working as a full-time concept artist at a large videogame company. That’s a pretty drastic change, beyond my wildest dreams. And I feel the people I met at Syn Studio are largely responsible for it. From helping to increase my skill level to helping me get jobs; the instructors were beyond fantastic. I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same results. But I would encourage any student; if you see an instructor’s work that amazes you (shouldn’t be hard), take their class and learn their secrets. The worst that can happen is you meet some people and improve as an artist, at a price that’s cheaper than similar online courses. And if you keep trying your best to improve; who knows what can happen."

    Michael Davini, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal


    "I didn’t have a background in fine arts when I joined the school and I somehow managed to understand a great deal in very little time. The teachers are not just passionate about helping their students, they are also active in their industry and would even go as far as to teach their in-house pipeline. Suffice to say that I was blown away by them. In addition, nothing beats being in a classroom with like minded people. I would not be where I am today without Syn Studio."

    Allan Matudio, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal


    "I'm now a concept artist at Triotech Amusement, I've been taking classes and workshops at Syn Studio for almost 3 years, and I did benefit a lot from those classes to get the job I have now. All the teachers are super professional and highly responsible. I witnessed Syn Studio getting more and more of a good reputation in training professional artists in video game, film and fine art. There are more and more artists related to Syn Studio, it has become such a incredible place for artists to hanging out, getting contacts and having fun. And I do sincerely appreciate so much what Syn Studio has done."

    Dengyijia Liu, Concept Artist at Triotech Amusement


    "I really enjoyed my Advanced Anatomy class and Figure Painting class with Charles Vinh at Syn Studio. At Syn Studio you can expect to be in a relaxing and inspiring environment where you can get one on one feedback with the teachers. I really liked the atmosphere there, Syn studio has a very warm and welcoming community where one can feel free to express their creativity." 

    Roxanne Rainville, Concept Artist at Behaviour Interactive


    "I learned so much from my experience attending the Digital Environment class at Syn Studio. Having an industry professional giving you personal feedback in a classroom environment is invaluable and crucial to a student's growth. The things I learned in that class is something I directly apply to work assignments today."

    - Neeraj Patel, Concept/Cover Artist at Gameloft


    "I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Syn Studio for providing a place for artists/professionals to grow in their craft. I’ve taken classes over the years and enjoyed them a lot, particularly because of the variety they have to offer. A big takeaway for me was the motivation of being around talented artists and teachers who share a passion for what they do. This combined with a professional level education has pushed me farther as an artist and taught me what I needed to know to prepare for the industry. I would definitely recommend Syn Studio to anyone seeking to make it as a professional artist or to anyone interested in art."

    -  Sean Vo, Concept Artist/Illustrator at Aptitude X


    "I decided to register for the intensive program at Syn Studio because I was having trouble finding a job in the field of concept art and illustration. I told myself that a few courses for 3 months would help me improve enough to get rid of my artist block. And I was right! Today, I’ve found a permanent job as an illustrator at Frima Studio and I know it’s thanks to all the teachings offered by the professionals that Syn Studio allows us to interact with, that I got this chance. I recommend this school to all those who are also aspiring to work in this field, and are struggling."

    Alexandrine Simard, Concept Artist at Frima


    "Syn Studio enabled me to develop and deepen my artistic potential. The digital illustration classes gave me the confidence and expertise necessary to enter the professional sphere. My experience also allowed me to make many contacts with industry people which proved to be very valuable. I am proud to be a part of the Syn Studio community and I invite all who are interested to join us!" 

    Jean Loic Fontaine, Concept Artist at Burrito Studio


    "I came to Syn Studio as a young professional. After losing my first job I was still on shaky grounds, having barely one foot in the industry. So I went to Syn Studio with the goals of meeting people, making contacts, pushing my work and getting feedback on it. Syn Studio did not disappoint. I met amazing professionals of the industry (which I never had in four years of University!) and motivated students. I made lots of good friends and met a teacher that eventually got me an Interview at WB games Montréal to work on my first AAA. Pretty much a dream scenario. Don’t get me wrong, the school won’t do the work for you but If you are the kind of person willing to put in the hours in and listen to your mentors, you will see results. I guarantee that!"

    Alex B. Dowd, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal


    Admissions and Fees

    In consideration of Syn Studio's international students who come here on tourist visas of 3 or 6 months to study with top masters not available in their hometowns, the program can be taken for 1 term (10 weeks) or 2 terms (20 weeks). Please note that occasionally extra weeks are added so students should plan on staying 3 months for 1 term and 6 months for 2 terms.

    The fee for a 1 term registration is $1999* and the fee for a 2 term registration is $3799*. Payment plans are available - please email [email protected] for more information.

    After your registration fee is processed, you will be required to submit a portfolio for review along with a brief CV and letter of intent. You are simply required to demonstrate basic competence in drawing, show your passion for art and list your relevant experience and goals. If your application is denied, your student fees will be fully refunded. If your application is accepted, you will then be offered a choice of courses for the next term that fit your goals and skill level.

    *All prices in Canadian dollars. Does not include taxes, art supplies, hardware or software. Students are required to bring their own traditional art supplies to traditional classes and laptops, graphics tablets and software to digital classes.


    From 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday. The space has wi-fi, a kitchen, workspace and the opportunity to be around and meet other passionate artists studying at Syn Studio.

    In planning your curriculum, you choose the topics that you want to study from our list of drawing, painting, concept design, illustration, comics, storyboard and 3D classes.

    This is an opportunity to perfect life drawing skills in a relaxed, uninstructed environment. Some of Montreal's top concept artists, illustrators and comic book artists are regulars at these sessions.

    In addition to all the industry connections you'll make while studying at Syn Studio, you also get your own personal featured space for your artwork, portfolio and business cards at the end of term student art show and party. Our parties feature DJs, catering, open bar and live entertainment and they attract top art directors, producers and HR in the industry so you're in the best spot to make valuable connections and get a job!


    At Syn Studio the year is broken into four terms: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each term lasts 10 weeks. Full time students take 5 classes per term.


    The Summer 2019 term, which runs from 8 July till 15 September

    The Fall 2019 term, which runs from 30 September till 8 December

    The Winter 2020 term, which runs from 13 January till 22 March

    The Spring 2020 term, which runs from 6 April till 14 June

    Please note that places are limited. Apply now to reserve your space for the next term. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis and if you act too late, you will have to wait.

    You can access the schedules for each individual class through the classes page. Full time students are also expected to work on their assignments in the studio between 11 A.M. and 5 P.M., Monday to Friday, and attend life drawing sessions on Fridays from 6 P.M. to 9 P.M.

    Apply to the Syn Studio Full Time Intensive Training Program now so you can take your skills and portfolio to the next level. Just click on the orange "REGISTER NOW" button at the bottom left of this page.


    Spaces are limited and registration works on a first-come-first serve basis. See "Admissions and Fees" for more info.

    Early registration prices:


    • The industry is competitive and this program will develop the skills and portfolio that will make you stand out from the crowd.
    • This program is the best way to make rapid improvement and gain an edge by studying with top artists working in the industry today.
    • Seize this opportunity while it lasts. Remember that places are very limited so sign up now to safeguard your spot!

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