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The Sketch Hunters Club

Teacher Artwork by Krist Miha

Our resident animation guru, Mike Wiesmeier, is also an avid plein air sketch artist. Having lived in major artistic cities such as Los Angeles and Montreal, Mike now resides in Italy where he is able to capture the beauty that surrounds him. Mike has put together a wonderful community of artists who share their sketches, offer feedback, and challenge each other. Continue reading to learn more about this fun community of artists and see some of the artwork they have hunted!

Sketches by Mike Miesmeier

Mike created The Sketch Hunters Club sketching community to bring together people who love to sketch…to share their sketches and stories about making them, and to cheer each other on. It is a judgement-free zone where members can be themselves and freely share their ‘sketches-in-progress’.

Members of The Sketch Hunters Club also benefit from Mike’s decades of personal and professional experience working at the Disney Animation studios, in the form of mini sketch lectures and regular posts. Instruction themes range from practical, hands-on approach to increasing and improving our engagement, positive mindset, and motivation in sketching. So think of it like a fun long-term class with lots of inspiring interactions with like-minded people!

Member Sketches

Some feedback from member
“I am really enjoying this community. It gives me a sense of responsibility and motivation. I have the community website as my main page online, and that’s what I check every morning at work :)”

“I’m enjoying the club experience. It helps me to be in the context of drawing, knowing that I’m a member of this community.”

“Thank you, Mike, for always being positive about art!”

“I love how Mike is really into what he is teaching, which inspires and motivates me to be as energetic as him with what I’m creating. I also appreciate Mike’s creativity with coming up with fun and new perspectives looking at art practice. Being part of the community and Mike’s influence make me want to sketch more and more often!”

“I’m really enjoying the judgement-free zone that is this community!”

“Sometimes I lose motivation to sketch when I am not actively in a drawing class. Being part of the community helps me to keep up my motivation to sketch.”

Members of the Syn Studio community are eligible for a reduced membership fee ($19US/mo
instead of $27US/mo), which they can access by using one of these links…
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Mike will be teaching Gestural Figure Drawing and Animal Sketching classes online this summer. He will also be back in Montreal for a time and we are looking to collaborate with him so stay tuned for an event with him.


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