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Syn Studio Class Bundles

The Syn Studio Class Bundles offer various package deals so you can enroll in multiple classes at a discounted rate and receive additional benefits!

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What are class bundles?

We currently offer the following bundles:

  • The 3-class bundle (enroll in 3 different classes of your choice over the course of 1 term, with up to $360 USD in savings!*)
  • The 4-class bundle (enroll in 4 different classes of your choice over the course of 1 term, with up to $520 USD in savings!*)
  • The 5-class bundle for 1 term (enroll in 5 different courses of your choice, with up to $700 USD in savings!*)
  • The 5-class bundle for 2 terms (enroll in 10 different courses of your choice, with up to $1595 USD in savings!*)



Bundles include the following:

  • A discounted price on each class
  • Access to a coordinator who can assist you in creating an ideal class schedule based on your current skills and goals
  • Access to an exclusive online resource library with digital books, reference images and brushpacks
  • Access to our official Class Bundle Discord where you can build connections in our online community
  • A permanent display of your best artwork in our online Art Gallery (work must be officially submitted)
  • Access to special online events such as:
    • A webinar and Q&A with a renowned concept artists or illustrator
    • A one-on-one Portfolio Review with a professional concept artist


*Discounts calculated on full class prices

Sign up for a Syn Studio Bundle and have access to a coordinator who can assists you in creating your ideal class schedule or simply create your own!

Where do I start?

Step 1

Register for the program by selecting your term and clicking on the "Register Now" buttons in the Registration section below.

Step 2

After completing your registration, we'll send you a welcome email that will provide you with the next steps you need to follow to select your classes. If you are unsure which classes to take, a coordinator will assist you in creating your ideal class schedule!

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Just one or two terms can make a huge difference in your skill level and portfolio!

Bundle Building Suggestions

The benefit of Syn Studio Class Bundles is that there is no fixed curriculum; you can select classes and times that best suit your skills, needs and schedule! Our classes are divded into 4 different skill levels, starting with level 1 which teaches essential foundational skills and going all the way up to level 4 which covers advanced techniques and topics to make portfolio-ready artwork!

It is important to note that each class typically lasts 3 hours, and that students are advised to set aside an additional 3-5 hours to complete their homework assignments per class each week. Keeping this in mind, we advise you to consider your other work, life and school obligations to decide whether the 3-class bundle, 4-class bundle or 5-class bundle is best for you at this time!

Once you register, a detailed Class Selection Guide will be shared with you so you can determine which classes are best-suited to your current skills and artistic goals. Otherwise, you will also be able to share your portfolio with a coordinator so you can get a second opinion and personalized advice and class suggestions.

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Schedule and Fees


  • The Summer 2023 term, which runs from July 5th to September 10th
  • The Fall 2023 term, which runs from September 25th to January 7th
  • The Winter 2024 term, which runs from January 8th to March 18th
  • The Spring 2024 term, which runs from April 1st to June 10th



Take 10 classes for only $2975 USD

Take 5 classes for only $1575 USD

Take 4 classes for $1290 USD

Take 3 classes for $995 USD


Please note that places are limited. Apply now to reserve your space for the next term. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you act too late, you will have to wait.

Payment plans are available – please email [email protected] for more information. All prices are in US dollars. This price does not include art materials, hardware or software.


Spaces are limited and registration works on a first-come-first serve basis.

See 'Where Do I Start?' for more info.

Choose your term

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*All Prices Shown are in US Dollars

Questions and Assistance

Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 514-998-7625

Please consult our FAQ; most of the commonly asked questions are answered in detail there. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to fill out the form below, or, send an email to [email protected]

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