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    Teacher Information

    Allana Benham is an accomplished fine artist with a specialization in artistic anatomy. Allana holds an MFA degree from the New York Academy of Art and has been teaching traditional drawing, artistic anatomy and intensive contemporary art for figurative artists at Atelier de Brésoles for the past 15 years. In addition to being an instructor at Atelier de Brésoles, Allana has also been a workshop instructor and lecturer at The Academy of Realist Art in Boston, Algonquin College, the Sadie Valeri Atelier in San Francisco, and Ubisoft.

    Course Outline

    Weeks 1 - 2 - Gain expertise in the differences in proportions between male and female forms so you can accurately portray the human body and its features. Become proficient in depicting gestural sketches and using box form constructions and adding subtle features to your figure drawings so they can appear more true and life like.

    Weeks 3 - 5 - Gain an in depth understanding of the various major masses of the body (such as the rib cage, spine, head and pelvis) and how these forms are influenced by gender and movement so you can flawlessly draw both male and female forms in active and dynamic poses.

    Weeks 6 - 8 - Learn the working mechanism, anatomy and complete range of motion of some of the most important joints in the body such as the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist. Become proficient in their relationship to the rib cage and torso and the movements that can result so you can construct realistic looking arms and legs in both male and female forms.

    Weeks 9 - 10 - Become proficient in depicting the gesture of different poses so you can create credible and believable figure drawings. Gain expertise representing superficial forms, planes and lighting so you can create create beautifully rendered finished life drawings for your portfolio.


    Mondays from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

    Date of first class: October 1st

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: English



    Do you feel you possess decent life drawing skills but struggle when it comes to depicting truly lifelike and dynamic male and female forms in believable poses with convincing musculature? Do you lack the skills necessary to precisely and believably portray the characteristic differences in the proportions and ways of movement, gesture and posing of male and female forms? The ability to draw realistic and convincing figures, in both male and female forms, is a skill that concept artists and illustrators require in order to create authentic and credible characters and even humanoid creatures.

    In this advanced figure drawing course, you will learn how to beautifully depict the male and female figures with confidence through a series of lectures, demonstrations and many practical exercises with live models. You will become proficient in representing the differences in skeletal structure, major muscle groups, proportions and surface anatomy in male and female forms so that you can depict a range of human figures in a convincing and lifelike manner. You will understand the working mechanism, surface anatomy and range of motion of some of the most important joints in the body so that you can construct realistic figures in both active and stationery poses.

    You will gain expertise in representing the planar structure of the head, rib cage and the pelvis in both male and female variations. In addition to this, you will understand the behaviour of these planes with lighting and movement so you can draw fantastic characters in dynamic poses. Finally, you will learn how muscle groups relate to the underlying bone structure and become proficient in depicting deep anatomical structures through the surface of the body so you can create spectacular characters with impressive detail.

    By the end of this course, you will possess all the tools and techniques required to draw credible and convincing male and female figures in compelling and true to life poses. Your understanding of how the body moves and your ability to depict various major muscle masses will have increased by leaps and bounds, giving you the ability to create spectacular figure drawings that you can be proud of. Your ability to depict a body’s joints and muscles supporting various dynamic movements and poses will have increased tremendously, giving you the capacity to create spectacular figure drawings that you can be proud of.

    *Note that this class is a good co-requisite with Advanced Anatomy. Although there is some inevitable overlap in content, Advanced Anatomy emphasizes skeletal structure more while this class focuses more on being able to depict subtle gender differences, dynamic anatomy, posing and lighting so you can have more lifelike figure drawings.


    This class is level 3, or advanced. Drawing the Human Form and Analytical Sketching or equivalent experience (competence and confidence drawing live models) is required. It is recommended that students take Advanced Anatomy along with this class.

    Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).


    Due to popular demand, we expect this class to fill up very fast! $470  $430


    • Learn the most powerful techniques to beautifully depict male and female figures
    • Understand how the most important joints of the human body allow our characteristic movements so that you can construct authentic and lifelike figures in motion
    • Gain expertise in representing the major muscle groups in a variety of poses so you can convincingly depict both male and female forms

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