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Online Concept Art Program

About the Program

Why Choose the Online Concept Art Program?

The Online Concept Art Program is a short, affordable yet comprehensive program designed to help students from around the world generate a professional level concept art portfolio that matches or exceeds industry standards.

Over an intense period of 12 months, the students will strengthen their art fundamentals and learn advanced techniques that will help them level up their skills and progress rapidly as an artist.

Under the guidance of our qualified and experienced instructors, students will build a top portfolio that best showcases their skills and gives them an edge over their competition

Program Length

12 Months

Program Fees

$20,000 (4 terms)

Program Language


Program Start

Summer 2024

Program Features

In the Online Concept Art Program , classes are conveniently scheduled to accommodate a variety of time zones! Now, since there are plenty of online video tutorials available, you may wonder why you should commit 12 months for the Online Concept Art Program? Unlike other video tutorials, the classes in the program feature access to video recordings as well as honest and constructive one-on-one feedback from our instructors that will help you overcome your weaknesses and take your art to the next level! Furthermore, the affordable and flexible nature of the program means you build a high quality portfolio from wherever you are without burning a hole in your pocket.

Our instructors are top concept artists and illustrators currently working in the competitive entertainment industry. In addition to having worked on some of your favourite AAA or indie games and movies, these instructors also possess years of teaching experience. Out teachers will ensure that concepts and techniques that you learn are in line with current industry demands. Furthermore, the program structure, with its classes, workshops and assignments is designed so that you learn and practice the right things, the right way and for the right amount of time so you can rapidly improve, scale up and stand out from the competition.

Each cohort in this program comprises 25 students representing the creme de la creme of aspiring concept art students from around the world who are on a single-minded path to success. Students will get ample opportunities to interact with each other as well as industry professionals and decision makers. Being in such a diverse classroom creates an exciting and enriching experience with a constant exchange of ideas and thoughts. Over a period of 12 months, you will work with fellow focused students, develop new skills and build a top quality portfolio while forming friendships that last a lifetime!

Program Curriculum

TERM #1 HOURS: 150

Term 1 focuses on really solidifying the Fundamentals to give you a strong foundation to develop and build upon. This term focuses on perspective, anatomy, concept art pipelines as well as using 3D and Digital Manipulation to use as a tool alongside your work.

Intro to Concept Art
Digital Image Manipulation
Figure Drawing
Intro to 3D for Concept Art
TERM #2 HOURS: 150

Term 2 expands further on your fundamentals by going deeper into 3D, and digital painting/rendering. There is also the introduction to design fundamentals, ideation and brainstorming.

Concept Sketching
Advanced Digital Painting
Originality and Design
3D for Concept 1
Intro to Architectural Design
TERM #3 HOURS: 150

In term 3, students will begin to work on their portfolio projects by choosing one of three stories. They will create characters, props, environments and illustrations to pull their re-telling of a story together.

Intro to Illustration
Prop and Vehicle I
Character Design I
Environment Design I
Portfolio / Project Coaching
TERM #4 HOURS: 150

In the final term of the program, students complete the assets of their portfolio and pull it all together into a finalized and clear presentation.

Illustration I
Creature Design I
Prop and Vehicle Design II
Character Design II
Environment Design II

Additional Information

The Online Concept Art Program is an amalgamation of our very popular online art classes and our industry accredited Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program. This Online Concept Art Program is an affordable opportunity for students to build a top quality portfolio under the guidance of experienced industry artists from anywhere in the world.

However, unlike our Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program, the Online Concept Art Program is 12 months in length (over 4 terms) and costs just 20,000 CAD, compared to other similar online portfolio building programs that run longer and cost you an arm and a leg to attend. Though this program is not accredited by the education ministry, you will still receive the same high quality of training and preparation and likewise will still be held to the same high standards of work and conduct.  The classes and assignments are graded so the students are required to pass every course in order to complete the program.

With remote work and online employment being more common than ever before, the lack of an accredited diploma does not diminish your chances of gaining employment in the industry. This program gets you one step closer to your employment goals by helping you create an industry standard portfolio that will make heads turn. If you are a determined concept artist with self discipline, an eagerness to learn and single minded focus and ambition to succeed, this is the program for you!

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