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Animal Drawing

3 Hour On-site Animal Sketching Workshop with Mike Wiesmeier at the Biodome!

Teacher Artwork by Mike Wiesmeier

Sold out!  Join our waitlist in the event of a cancelation and a spot opens up.  Tickets are still available for Applying The Animation Principles To Sketching The Human Figure.

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Animal Drawing

Join former Disney artist and animator Mike Weismeier for an immersive Animal Drawing Workshop at the Montreal Biodome. This hands-on workshop provides a unique opportunity to sketch a variety of animals in their naturalistic habitats. Under Mike's expert guidance, you'll learn techniques for capturing the anatomy, movement, and character of different species. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop offers a rare chance to enhance your skills and draw inspiration from the vibrant wildlife around you. Bring your sketchbook and get ready for an unforgettable artistic experience!


Please note that this workshop is a live, in-person event!  This event will not be recorded so if you can't make it then you won't be able to participate.


Note: This workshop will be offered on-site at the Montreal Biodome, 4777 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave, Montreal, Quebec H1V 1B3

Workshop Timing: Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM, EST, Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

Workshop Date: August 16th

Duration: 3 Hours

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