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    Teacher Information

    Michael Solovyev is an art director, illustrator, fine art painter and designer of architecture, theatre sets and costumes. He has 12 years of professional experience, has won numerous awards and his fine artwork is featured in public and private collections in 10 different countries. For nearly a decade he's been transmitting his classical European art education to up-and-coming artists through teaching engagements in Canada and in his native Russia.

    Course Outline

    Week 1 – Review the basics of watercolour painting and learn some essential techniques associated with the different brushes so you can use your tools effectively.

    Week 2 – Learn how to superimpose transparent layers, indicate texture and material and build composite colour relationships in a life study so you can create beautiful and complex multi-layer paintings.

    Week 3 – Understand how to properly plan your project by choosing the sequence of steps and techniques best suited for your artwork.

    Week 4 – Become proficient in two opposing methods: wet-on-wet painting with one layer and multi-layer washing. Learn when to apply each technique so you can take of advantage of happy accidents while creating accurate artwork.

    Week 5 – Understand how the different brands and types of paper interact with different painting techniques so you can create the exact effects you want in your artwork.

    Week 6 – Gain a deep knowledge of how to combine and mix watercolour pigments. Learn how to construct the best colour combinations so you can create your own colour palette and use it to paint luminous landscapes.

    Week 7 – Learn how to accurately represent lighting and the effect it has on colours so you can create believable and convincing watercolour paintings. Become proficient in selecting the right colours to create fast watercolour sketches using a limited colour palette.

    Week 8 – Become proficient in the usage of the negative space so you can create stunning compositions with well defined lighting.

    Week 9 – Learn to apply the multi-layer technique to a character portrait within an environment so you can perfectly depict the atmosphere and emotions you want to communicate.

    Week 10 – Apply all the skills that you have acquired during the course to create your own detailed personal project using the multi-layered watercolour technique.


    Thursday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

    Date of first class: July 13th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: English

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    This class is full. Please contact us at info@synstudio.ca to be put on the waitlist. 



    Do you already possess a foundation in watercolour painting and wish to advance your skills? Do you want to be able to create paintings that look rich, luminous and vibrant? Deep knowledge of lighting techniques and the ability to choose the right materials is very important for creating stunning and magical artwork.

    In this in-depth watercolour course, master painter Michael Solovyev will guide you in your artistic journey to create visually appealing watercolour paintings. You will learn about the different types of tools available and how to choose the best ones to suit your project. You will become proficient in building complex colour relationships and creating vivid multi-layered paintings.

    Natural watercolour pigments are spread over a wide range and possess vibrant richness. You will learn how to mix these pigments in recommended ways so you can create your own compelling colour palettes. You will understand the importance of lighting and its interaction with colours so you can create rich watercolour artwork with dramatic lighting and vivid colours. Finally, you will apply all the skills you have acquired to a multi-layered and detailed personal project that you can be proud of!

    By the end of this watercolour course, your knowledge of colours and their interaction with light will have increased greatly. Your ability to mix colours efficiently will enable you to create expressive artwork that captures atmosphere and emotions that you want to communicate in a dynamic and convincing way.


    This is a class designed for people who have already taken our Expressive Painting in Watercolour course or have equivalent experience with watercolour painting techniques.

    Language requirements : You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).


    Due to popular demand for a class like this we expect it to fill up very fast!. $470. $430.


    • Become proficient in the most powerful painting techniques and learn when to use each to get the best results.
    • Learn how light interacts with colours and gain expertise in creating fast watercolour sketches with a limited palette.
    • Become proficient in the usage of negative space so you can create eye catching compositions.

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