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Using Stylization As A Tool to Improve Your Art

3 Hour Online Webinar on Style and the Use of References followed by a Q&A Session with popular Digital Artist Loish

Artwork by Loish

Using Stylization As A Tool to Improve Your Art

Many artists learn to draw by closely referencing existing images. They often learn to copy exactly what they see, and absorb the belief that more detail and realism is equivalent to more skill. However, stylization - diverting from the reference image intentionally - can be a powerful tool to learn and improve. It not only opens the path to discovering new techniques and cultivating your artistic voice, but it also teaches us to observe differently. This workshop will talk about how I approach stylization in my work, and demonstrate some exercises that are intended to cultivate a distinctive style and improvement in your art.

the workshop will include:

  • Introduction & theory around stylization
  • Demo: Drawing a stylized character in multiple ways
  • Demo: Drawing an inanimate object (plant, rock, environment) in a stylized way
  • Discussion of my workflow and process for my digital paintings
  • Paintovers & feedback




Note: This webinar will be offered online only

Webinar Timing: Friday from 10 AM to 1 PM, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT or UTC-4h)

Webinar Date: September 9th

Duration: 3 Hours



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Event Date and Time: Friday, September 9th from 10AM to 1PM

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