Painting Classes in Montreal

Foundations of Painting

Level ••••

  • Learn a basic, step-by-step method for direct painting that's so fast and efficient that teachers from other schools come to take this class!
  • Get comfortable mixing colours, blending tones, and working in oil
  • Understand how to use tonality, intensity, and colour temperature to create form, depth, strong compositions, contrasts, and harmonies

Watercolour II

Level •••

  • Become proficient in the most powerful painting techniques and learn when to use each to get the best results.
  • Learn how light interacts with colours and gain expertise in creating fast watercolour sketches with a limited palette.
  • Become proficient in the usage of negative space so you can create eye catching compositions.

Foundations of Painting 2

Level •••

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the relationships between intensity, hue, tone and colour temperature so you have maximum control over your painting.
  • Improve your perception of colour and tone while mastering the medium so you can mix exactly the colours you want.
  • Learn advanced techniques that will make your paintings look richer and more believable.

Colour and Light

Level •••

  • Learn advanced techniques to depict colour and light developed by the Impressionists and based on the actual physics of light
  • Train your eye to see subtle differences in value, hue, and saturation to create rich and nuanced effects with light and colour
  • Understand different lighting situations and how and when to use them to create the mood and atmosphere you want in your paintings

Figure Painting

Level •••

  • Accurately capture the essence of your model!
  • Become proficient at a simple and powerful method for clearly communicating the form, colour and values of the human figure
  • Learn from a master figure painter trained in the methods of the classical schools of realistic painting

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