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Testimonial: Youssef Jazmati

“Excellent class! Best teacher in the world! I learned more with Syn Studio than 4 years at university! Thanks Kelly!”

– Youssef Jazmati (Making Comics)

Testimonial: Favio Vinson

Thank you very much Oleg for teaching me the art of drawing, I feel I learnt a great deal, and I can see a clear progress in my drawing skills. Thank you once more, and I hope we will encounter again in the times to come. Good luck with everything.

– Favio Vinson

Testimonial: Dacio Pasarell

I have been attending classes at Syn Studio for the past 10 weeks in the 3D Environment class with Vlad. I have found this course to be
extremely helpful in mastering professional projects in 3D Environment Art. Although I have been working in this field for the past 3 years, what I have taken from Vlad’s class will prove to become beneficial in my career as a 3D Artist. The Video Games industry is an extremely competitive one. I feel this course has given me the confidence to remain competitive with recent graduates in this field.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is serious about this industry.

– Dacio Pasarell, 3D artist at North Side

Testimonial: Michael Davini

When I arrived in Montreal just over 3 years ago; wanting to try and make a career from art – I knew no one, and was armed with pretty mediocre painting skills.

As I type this, it’s been 6 months since I started working as a full-time concept artist at a large videogame company. That’s a pretty drastic change, beyond my wildest dreams. And I feel the people I met at Syn Studio are largely responsible for it. From helping to increase my skill level to helping me get jobs; the instructors were beyond fantastic. I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same results. But I would encourage any student; if you see an instructor’s work that amazes you (shouldn’t be hard), take their class and learn their secrets. The worst that can happen is you meet some people and improve as an artist, at a price that’s cheaper than similar online courses. And if you keep trying your best to improve; who knows what can happen.

– Michael Davini, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal

Testimonial: Allan Matudio

I didn’t have a background in fine arts when I joined the school and I somehow managed to understand a great deal in very little time. The teachers are not just passionate about helping their students, they are also active in their industry and would even go as far as to teach their in-house pipeline. Suffice to say that I was blown away by them. In addition, nothing beats being in a classroom with like minded people. I would not be where I am today without Syn Studio.

– Allan Matudio, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal

Testimonial: Alexandrine Simard

I decided to register for the intensive program at Syn Studio because I was having trouble finding a job in the field of concept art and illustration. I told myself that a few courses for 3 months would help me improve enough to get rid of my artist block. And I was right! Today, I’ve found a permanent job as an illustrator at Frima Studio and I know it’s thanks to all the teachings offered by the professionals that Syn Studio allows us to interact with, that I got this chance. I recommend this school to all those who are also aspiring to work in this field, and are struggling.

–  Alexandrine Simard, Concept Artist at Frima

Testimonial: Alex B. O’Dowd

I came to Syn Studio as a young professional. After losing my first job I was still on shaky grounds, having barely one foot in the industry. So I went to Syn Studio with the goals of meeting people, making contacts, pushing my work and getting feedback on it. Syn Studio did not disappoint. I met amazing professionals of the industry (which I never had in four years of University!) and motivated students. I made lots of good friends and met a teacher that eventually got me an Interview at WB games Montréal to work on my first AAA. Pretty much a dream scenario. Don’t get me wrong, the school won’t do the work for you but If you are the kind of person willing to put in the hours in and listen to your mentors, you will see results. I guarantee that!

–  Alex B. Dowd, Concept Artist at WB Games Montreal

Testimonial: Sean Vo

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Syn Studio for providing a place for artists/professionals to grow in their craft. I’ve taken classes over the years and enjoyed them a lot, particularly because of the variety they have to offer. A big takeaway for me was the motivation of being around talented artists and teachers who share a passion for what they do. This combined with a professional level education has pushed me farther as an artist and taught me what I needed to know to prepare for the industry. I would definitely recommend Syn Studio to anyone seeking to make it as a professional artist or to anyone interested in art.

– Sean Vo, Concept Artist/Illustrator at Aptitude X

Testimonial: Emylie Boivin

The time I have spent at Syn Studio helped me improve and become a concept artist in the video game industry. At Syn Studio, you receive technical knowledge from artists that are already working in the field. If you’re serious about your goals, then this is a good place for learning, networking and working like crazy on your portfolio with people as passionate as you are.

– Emylie Boivin, Concept artist at Frima

Testimonial: Sabrina G

“Throughout this course I noticed a significant improvement in the 3D appearance of my sketches. My newfound skills led to drawings with much more “Pop!”, and I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in drawing.”

– Sabrina G. (Analytical Sketching)

Testimonial: Zarabeth Wilson

“I’m really happy that I took this course. I learned a lot of new ways to work in photoshop and to come up with strong concepts. It was very concise, which is great for people who want to update their skills without being bothered with a full time university or cegep course.”

– Zarabeth Wilson (Environment Design)

Testimonial: Corey-James Weber

“Having never taken formal fine arts classes, I feel this course was very helpful. I feel this course was very helpful, and Xin, the instructor, was extremely qualified to clarify the questions I had. Xin’s trained eye was able to pinpoint my weaknesses and recommend exercises to better myself.”

– Corey-James Weber (Digital Painting)

Testimonial: Paul Yates

“Max [Salgood Sam] introduced ideas I could have never thought of. He also clarified many ideas that I had in mind but lacked the vocabulary to articulate. I can already see how much I have improved since the beginning.”

– Paul Yates (Dynamic Drawing)

Testimonial: Sabrina G

“I found this course highly informative artistically and scientifically. Marc really goes into depth explaining how each animal works and it helps when drawing them. Being able to study the animal alive and up close is fantastic. I highly recommend this to anyone with a curious mind!”

– Sabrina G, Freelance artist (Nature Sketching)

Testimonial: Joël Moumuy

“Marc is an excellent teacher. He takes good care to comment on all the students’ work and gives really good feedback. It’s great to be able to draw based on live animals.”

– Joël Moumuy, Artiste 3D (Dessin de Nature)

Testimonial: Roberto Gomes

“It was my first art class ever, and I couldn’t be more satisfied than I currently am. I have never learned so much in my life. Charles’ orientation through the making of the artwork was spectacular, and he made me reach a potential I didn’t know even existed. I’d definitely recommend it if you seek a very straightforward learning experience with a teacher-to-student relation.”

– Roberto Gomes, Freelance artist (Illustrative Painting)

Testimonial: Francois Brisson

“The classes I took with Charles Vinh and Geof Isherwood helped me considerably in my work. Not only at the level of my drawing but also at the professional level. They are active in their domains and don’t hesitate to share their experiences. I recommend the classes at Syn Studio just as much to professionals in visual arts as to amateurs.” (translated from French)

Francois Brisson – (www.francoisbrisson.com).

Illustrator, designer, 3D artist and student at Syn Studio since January 2011.

Testimonial: Sean Samuels

“Montreal is a city replete with artists of astonishing skill and value. One of the schools here that help this fact is Syn Studio; a school of high caliber. Having taken a few courses there myself, I can attest that their dedication to training people, in the core principles of art, is excellent. From concept art, regarding environment & character design, to foundation fundamentals such as life drawing and more; Syn Studio is the school that will ensure you get the artistic education to push you forward into a stellar career.”

Sean Samuels – Senior Matte Painter / Concept Artist at Atomic Fiction

Testimonial: Dengyijia Liu

“I’m now a concept artist at Triotech Amusement, I’ve been taking classes and workshops at Syn Studio for almost 3 years, and I did benefit a lot from those classes to get the job I have now. All the teachers are super professional and highly responsible. I witnessed Syn Studio getting more and more of a good reputation in training professional artists in video game, film and fine art. There are more and more artists related to Syn Studio, it has become such a incredible place for artists to hanging out, getting contacts and having fun. And I do sincerely appreciate so much what Syn Studio has done.”

Dengyijia Liu – Concept Artist, Environment Design – Summer 2013

Testimonial: Blair Evans

“Finally a drawing course that teaches people useful and practical drawing techniques that directly improve their drawing skills. Having taken other art courses in my life, it is a real pleasure to discover great teachers with very insightful feedback.”

Blair Evans – Creative Director & Graphic Designer, Drawing from Life – Summer 2013

Testimonial: Marvin Herbring

“This class has definitely paid off for me. Each week, I learned new techniques I could apply to my work right away. It is not just the technical tricks and ways to use the different softwares that are helpful, but also, and more importantly, the general approach of creating a professional illustration. I can see how my workflow has changed on an organizational and structural level. It is interesting and beneficial to see how a professional illustrator works from start to finish and how different problems are approached and solved.”

Marvin Herbring – Freelance Illustrator, Advanced Production Techniques – Winter 2014

Testimonial: Lianne Chagnon

“I found the class very interesting. It taught me a bunch of new techniques and helped improve my drawing skills and my ability to brainstorm. Marc Holmes was very helpful, gave good feedback and advice. I would definitely take more classes at Syn Studio and recommend that teacher to everyone.”

Lianne Chagnon – Student, Creature Design – Winter 2014

Testimonial: Stephen Horne

“ Small class with personalized attention of a master who encourages but always finds an area for more focus. Excellent!”

Stephen Horne – Museum Exhibit Designer – Advanced Anatomy – Spring 2013

Testimonial: Jono Doiron

“ I would recommend this course to artists who are serious about adding new steps to their process to achieve their best results. Charles guides you through tested methods so you don’t jump into a final image unprepared and hope it magically works out.”

Jono Doiron – Painter and Illustrator, Illustrative painting – Winter 2014

Testimonial: Johan Lindroos

“After one course, I’ve learned more than in my entire career about environments/Photoshop tricks!”

Johan Lindroos – Illustrator/concept artist, Environment Design – Winter 2013

Testimonial : Sam Tevel

Kelly comes very prepared to every class. His presentations are very professional and well researched. I would take any class he taught, he spends more time with me in every class than I get at other places in a whole session! He is an amazing teacher and very passionate.

Sam TevelMaking Comics – winter 2013

Testimonial: Dacio Pasarell

“I have been attending classes at Syn Studio for the past 10 weeks in the 3D Environment class with Vlad. I have found this course to be
extremely helpful in mastering professional projects in 3D EnvironmentArt.

Although I have been working in this field for the past 3 years, what I have taken from Vlad’s class will prove to become beneficial in my
career as a 3D Artist.

The Video Games industry is an extremely competitive one. I feel this course has given me the confidence to remain competitive with recent
graduates in this field.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is serious about this industry.”

Dacio Pasarell – 3D Artist at North Side
3D Environments and Assets for Video Game – Summer 2012

Testimonial: Clémence Maurer

“I decided to check out Vlad’s Masterclass at SynStudio; and it was overall a good experience as it filled holes here and there with regards to modelling and texturing techniques, as well as general 3d art tips and tricks. So I gained efficiency quickly and without even realizing it at first ! The creation of a whole scene is also very motivating. Furthermore, it’s a very good idea to show students how to put their work directly into a game engine such as UDK and optimizing your assets in order to be production ready, which is very important if you ever want to work in the industry.”

Clémence Maurer — Eidos

3D Environments and Assets for Video Game – Summer 2012

Testimonial: Florent Cachot

“I already knew some basics in digital painting. I thus decided to take the Digital Painting class with Jeevan so as to solidify my knowledge and learn new techniques… I not only learned new techniques but a new dimension of digital painting. His style of teaching and his work process left a lasting impression on me. This class is ideal for beginners as well as motivated intermediates who want to see considerable progress in their skills and advancement in the field. Once again thank you for this amazing experience!” (Translated from French)

Florent Cachot – T.D Lighting at Motion Picture Company, Montréal – http://florentcachot.carbonmade.com/

Digital Painting – Winter 2012

Testimonial: Yu Xiao

“Charles is a great teacher. He’s patient and skillful in mentoring digital inspiration with hands-on insight and speed painting techniques. Kelly is very encouraging and amiable. More than just open the door for the beginner in comics, he shows detailed, step-by-step techniques and gives a lot of useful information.”

Yu Xiao – Student at Syn Studio since September 2011.

Testimonial: Alice Tai Ke-Ying

“As a working professional, this class was a perfect way for me to maintain and pursue my interest in art. Classes usually kick-off with technique demonstrations or presentations by our instructor, Kelly, who is never short of entertaining stories of the industry. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends!”

Alice Tai Ke-Ying

Game designer at EA Montreal and student at Syn Studio since September 2011.

Testimonial: Nicolas Tranchant

“As a total beginner in drawing, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for last winter but I was attracted to drawing people, expressions, the human form and maybe one day, people who are dear to me. I looked at several galleries and schools on the internet for one month or two… Never really satisfied. Too many courses/sessions before starting to draw people and live models, an overly academic process and school schedules that did not suit me, location, price… Nothing special that inspired me, it was the worst! And then I came across the Web site of Syn Studio… It had that something special! First the pictures of the artwork inspired me, spoke to me, even if they were for a wide audience, both professionals, comics, video games and artists of all kind… and course descriptions, simple and concise, good values. They had what I was looking for: observation, shapes, movement, detail.. All this seemed to work well together and in a good atmosphere. I do not speak here of the other criteria that suited me because it is specific to my work and my lifestyle.

I was truly satisfied with my experience at Syn Studio. I don’t think I missed a single class and it was a real treat every time. The level of the teachers is breathtaking yet they make everything so simple. I like their approach to art and education (in fact they really seem at ease teaching).

I stopped the following summer because I do a lot of activities and preferred to be outside… but I promised myself to repeat the experience. And here I am again, on board this Fall, in the deepening of this new pleasure… The levels are mixed, the origins and motivations of each look different but the atmosphere is serene, studious and pleasant:-p.

A great experience that is part of my life now and that I am pleased to share with everyone I meet.” (translated from French)

Nicolas Tranchant
Student at Syn Studio since January 2011

Testimonial: Simon Chartrand Labadie

“Artists should never stop learning. Syn Studio helped me further develop my skills by studying with some of the best masters of their fields, like Charles Vinh and Geof Isherwood; real veterans who, themselves, keep learning through the teaching of their art.”

Simon Chartrand Labadiewww.simonchartrand.com

Art Director at Woozworld

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