EP 34 – Syn Studio Gathering of Masters 2016 – Round Table Discussion

In July 2016, Syn Studio hosted its very first Gathering of Masters, a small festival where artists could share their knowledge, connect with each other and work together to develop and push the boundaries of their illustration. During the event, our first talk featured a Round Table event where 8 top-industry artists discussed their journeys, their very various artistic careers and what artists can do to achieve their dream jobs. The Round Table Artists are: Thierry Doizon (aka Barontieri), Terryl Whitlatch, Raphael Lacoste, Matt Rhodes, Samantha Youssef, Victor Mosquera, Jeff Simpson and James Gurney

“All of us have an idea for a world we want to create, but as long as it stays in your head, it’s perfect. You have to take it out of your head, put it on paper and see that it’s not perfect until you work on it” – James Gurney


In This Episode…

Anthony talks with 8 other top industry artists about their different workflows, careers and advice they might have for aspiring artists. The Round Table Artists are: Thierry Doizon (aka Barontieri), Terryl Whitlatch, Raphael Lacoste, Matt Rhodes, Samantha Youssef, Victor Mosquera, Jeff Simpson and James Gurney.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

[01:52] – The artists discuss style; how it can stagnate, be pushed and is influenced in the industry
[12:12] – Terryl and James tell us about how their backgrounds in science have shaped their careers
[15:42] – Samantha and James give us important advice on starting your own art business
[18:04] – Bashing photobashing – the panel discusses the advantages and drawbacks
[21:05] – James, Terryl and Thierry tell us some stories of challenges they’ve faced with art jobs.
[24:02] – How Tron taught Thierry that he wanted to work in video games
[26:25] – The table discusses VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) and the possibilities they hold for the future
[35:03] – How Raphael is still learning, even as a top Art Director
[38:43] – How deadlines vary in different professions
[49:44] – Finding freelance work and the benefits from it
[55:30] : ‘If you can’t find a job as a freelancer or in a studio, just do it yourself’ – Thierry gives advice on starting your own studio
[56:30] – Find out what bugs Jeff the most about the industry
[01:06:26] – Terryl on Star Wars and what it was like working directly with George Lucas
[01:09:17] – Matt Rhodes tells us about how he started working on Mass Effect while still finishing his 4th year at school
[01:12:43] – How the Masters find time for personal projects and even use them to push their careers
[01:22:57] – How Jeff learned to draw technically, despite going to a Fine Arts school
[01:27:12] – Terryl gives us an answer on how important Zbrush and 3D technology is in today’s concept art scene
[01:33:15] – James Gurney on talking to archaeologists and police chiefs for advice on art
[01:36:25] – “For sure some of us are on an FBI watch list” – Matt and Victor tell us about some embarrassing google searches they’ve done for art


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