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Art: Xin Ran Liu

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  • "The time I have spent at Syn Studio helped me improve and become a concept artist in the video game industry. At Syn Studio, you receive technical knowledge from artists that are already working in the field. If you're serious about your goals, then this is a good place for learning, networking and working like crazy on your portfolio with people as passionate as you are."

    Emylie Boivin

    Concept artist at Frima

  • "I'm now a concept artist at Triotech Amusement, I've been taking classes and workshops at Syn Studio for almost 3 years to get the job I have now. All the teachers are super professional and highly responsible. I witnessed Syn Studio getting more and more of a good reputation in training professional artists in video games, film and fine art. There are more and more artists related to Syn Studio, it has become such an incredible place for artists to hang out, get contacts and have fun. And I do sincerely appreciate so much what Syn Studio has done."

    Dengyijia Liu

    Concept Artist at Triotech Amusement

  • "During my time at Syn Studio (where I took classes and studied) many of our teachers were professionals in the movie and game industry as well as illustrators, like Dhamindra Jeevan, Charles Vinh, Meinert Hansen, Donglu Yu. They really pushed me with their feedback [...] Also, Charles Vinh was particularly very important. He is an illustrator here in Canada, and I credit him largely for having taught me so much about color theory and lighting, as well as having taken traditional painting classes with him, he showed me a lot of techniques that were invaluable in my development.”

    Quoted from a featured interview in CGSociety

    Will Sweet

    Concept Artist at Behaviour Interactive

  • “At Syn Studio you can expect to be in a relaxing and inspiring environment where you can get one on one feedback with the teachers. I really liked the atmosphere there, Syn Studio has a very warm and welcoming community where one can feel free to express their creativity."

    Roxanne Rainville

    Concept Artist at Behaviour Interactive

  • "Montreal is a city replete with artists of astonishing skill and value. One of the schools here that helps this fact is Syn Studio; a school of high calibre. Having taken a few courses there myself, I can attest that their dedication to training people, in the core principles of art, is excellent. From concept art, regarding environment & character design, to foundation fundamentals such as life drawing and more; Syn Studio is the school that will ensure you get the artistic education to push you forward into a stellar career."

    Sean Samuels

    Senior Matte Painter / Concept Artist at Atomic Fiction

  • "Syn Studio enabled me to develop and deepen my artistic potential. The digital illustration classes gave me the confidence and expertise necessary to enter the professional sphere. My experience also allowed me to make many contacts with industry people which proved to be very valuable. I am proud to be a part of the Syn Studio community and I invite all who are interested to join us!"

    Jean-Loïc Fontaine

    Concept Artist at Burrito Studio

  • "I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to Syn Studio for providing a place for artists/professionals to grow in their craft. I've taken classes over the years and enjoyed them a lot, particularly because of the variety they have to offer. A big takeaway for me was the motivation of being around talented artists and teachers who share a passion for what they do. This combined with a professional level education has pushed me farther as an artist and taught me what I needed to know to prepare for the industry. I would definitely recommend Syn Studio to anyone seeking to make it as a professional artist or to anyone interested in art."

    Sean Vo

    Concept Artist/Illustrator at Aptitude X

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