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    Teacher Information

    Andre-Lang Huynh is a senior concept artist at WB Games Montreal on an unannounced AAA game in the DC Universe. During his career here, he has worked on games such as Injustice 2, No Way Out and multiple unannounced AAA titles. In addition to this, he has also been working on his popular personal project titled “Mech Nuggets” where he experiments with spaceship and mech design.

    Course Outline

    Please note: below is the course outline for the Vehicle and Mech Design course that was offered a few terms ago at Syn Studio. We are currently in the process of updating the course outline for the current class. The current class will include more technical training with a pipeline that uses 3D-Coat and will have at least one less project than specified below to facilitate learning this pipeline.

    Weeks 1 - 2 - Weapon Design - understand how to work with shape language & proportion, 2D balance and functionality & design to create original weapon concepts.

    Weeks 3 - 4 - Wheeled Vehicle Design - learn to use form indication, greyscale value shading, stance, volume & tension, sketching with perspective, line drawing and reflective surface rendering to create stunning vehicle concepts.

    Weeks 5 - 6 - Air Vehicle Design - acquire advanced material indication and weathering techniques to create jaw-dropping vehicle renderings.

    Weeks 7 - 8 - Mech Design - learn the art of detailing and designing functional & articulating body parts. Become proficient in research-based design, concept presentation with callouts & materials' charts, stance & posing and graphic & logo design so you can create credible industry-level mech concept art.

    Weeks 9 - 10 - Choose one of your previous designs and bring it to a production-ready level under the guidance of the instructor. Learn to create a prop sheet including all the key views and a high detail rendering to create a truly professional-level concept piece for your portfolio.


    Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

    Date of first class: April 11th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: English

    You can register at the bottom-left of this page.


    Do you have an eye for interesting and unique design? Do you still need some additional tools and techniques to properly translate your ideas into unique and iconic concepts? Would you like to learn the most powerful methods used by today's top designers so you can create incredible vehicle and mech concept art?

    In this class, you will learn from a top prop, vehicle and mech designer who will help you get familiarized with the powerful design sculpting program, 3D-coat*. The class will break down and teach you the design process in a step-by-step manner. You will become proficient in ideation, design development, rendering & defining and finishing.

    The class will also cover fundamental design principles so you can focus your eye for good design. Specifically, you will learn to use contrast, harmony, shape language, sense of direction, stance and proportion to create original and convincing concepts.

    From design sketches to rotation views and renderings, you will cover the most critical on-the-job deliverables. By the end of this class you will be proficient in a cutting edge process and pipeline used by the top artists in the industry. You will not only have learnt a new digital sculpting program in 3D-coat but also become proficient enough to create realistic 3D sketches using it. You will have taken your portfolio and skills to the next level and you will have acquired a trained eye, design language and skill-set that will put you ahead of the majority of industry artists!

    *3D-Coat is a digital sculpting program used by concept artists to create high quality 3D sketches. The intuitiveness of the program makes it easy to learn and fast to use, thereby saving a lot of time as compared with other similar programs. This enables concept artists to spend more time creating interesting designs instead of learning a complex interface or focusing on the technical details of the software. In addition to this, 3D-Coat’s unique flexibility and full-featured toolset allows artists to deploy several powerful new concept art pipelines for both organic and hard surface assets.


    This is a masterclass aimed at advanced students and junior artists working in the industry. To take this class, you should have completed our Digital Painting and Analytical Sketching classes or have equivalent experience (meaning you are comfortable and at least somewhat proficient at painting in Photoshop). You should also know perspective.

    You also need to have a laptop with 3D-Coat installed and a tablet sensitive to pen pressure (such as a Wacom tablet). Or you need a tablet-computer with 3D-Coat installed that is sensitive to pen pressure (such as the Cintiq Companion). 

    Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).


    This class, offered again due to popular demand, is expected to fill up quickly.  $470 $430.


    • Learn a cutting edge design process from a master of entertainment, mech and vehicle design
    • Acquire a powerful design language and understand the five basic elements that make a design good or bad
    • Become proficient in advanced rendering techniques so you can create jaw-dropping concept art

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