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Thierry Doizon

Teacher Artwork by Thierry Doizon

Teacher Artwork by Thierry Doizon

Thierry Doizon - Art Director and Concept Designer

“The nature of learning industrial design is where you blend engineering and technology with style and art.”

This episode of the Syn Studio podcast features Thierry Doizon, Art Director, Concept Designer, and Instructor currently working at Evil Empire, France.

In a career spanning over two decades, Thierry has worked for companies such as Ubisoft, The Walt Disney Studios, Eidos, Minority Media, and Moment Factory, among others.

Thierry's artwork has been featured in high-profile movies and video games including Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Lara Croft GO, Tron: Legacy, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and many more.

Thierry is also the co-founder of Steambot Studios and an experienced instructor, having taught in many institutions, including Syn Studio.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


[01:12] – Thierry Doizon Introduction – Why is industrial design important for concept design?

[03:30] – Thierry chats about art school and its importance in creating a faster, more direct path to concept art and the industry.

[06:38] – Assassins Creed – Thierry speaks about what he contributed to the game.

[08:10] – Thierry’s experiences working on environment art.

[11:35] – Vex, The Red Star & Deux ex – Thierry talks specifics about concept art he has created for these games.

[15:58] – Thierry’s words of wisdom for aspiring concept artists trying to break into the AAA gaming industry.

[18:30] – Skills or luck? – What makes an excellent concept artist?

[19:33] – Creativity and design – How to foster creativity if you are stuck.

[23:00]- Quality vs. Quantity- what is more important in the gaming/art industry?

[26:50] – Thierry talks a little bit about where he grew up and what he focused on as a child.

[29:20] – Indie games vs Triple A games – Working to live or living to work?

[32:00] – Dream games Thierry wishes he had worked on.

[33:32] – What artists and genres of art inspire Thierry.

[37:50] – Thierry touches on the future challenges of the games industry and what needs to change.

[39:00] – Tell tale signs of a great concept artist and where to find inspiration to create unique and different art.

[45:53] – Thierry discusses the best and worst experiences he has had as a concept artist.

[49:25] – Conclusion with Thierry Doizon- What new technology is being developed in the industry now.

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