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Meinert Hansen

Teacher Artwork by Meinert Hansen

Teacher Artwork by Meinert Hansen

Meinert Hansen - Senior Concept Artist and Illustrator

“Sharing work is good for your growth as an artist in a way because you see how somebody can take your idea and run with it and do something really interesting... You’re a craftsman when you’re doing concept art in a way.”

This episode of the Syn Studio podcast features Meinert Hansen, senior concept artist, illustrator, and steampunk expert who has worked in film, television, and games for over 30 years. His past credits include The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, 300, Silent Hill, Batman: Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Myst 4: Revelation. Meinert has over 10 years of teaching experience and has given popular workshops for professional artists, students, and the general public.

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

[01:00] – Meinert Hansen Introduction- His current work with WB studios and past work with Ubisoft.

[04:30] – Meinert’s perspective on beautiful video game art.

[06:05]- “I end up learning a lot about the subject I’m working on” – How Meinert does his research before creating. 

[06:30] – Key Frame illustrations – Meinert’s work in film.

[09:00] – Comic books and pictures – Meinert’s beginnings in art and animation.

[12:30] – Main differences between film and video games.

[15:00] – Meinert talks about Prop Creation and what he does for fun.

[17:23] – “Explore all art forms” – Advice for those wanting to become concept artists.

[18:00] – What makes a good concept artist?

[22:50] – How to broaden creativity and scope in the arts.

[24:09] – “Composition is king” – Meinert speaks about teaching and how important composition is.

[30:00] – Designing video game environments and what a well-made game looks like.

[34:40] – Meinert discusses his favourite aspects of photoshop.

[37:50] – “Limit your colours” – Advice on what makes a great painter and workshops Meinert would like to take.

[40:05] – An average day in the life of Meinert Hansen- How sharing work means growth for an artist.

[42:40]- What Meinert does to stay creative and how he deals with burnout and keeping art “fresh.”

[48:00] – Conclusion – Personal projects and what is planned next for Meinert Hansen.


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