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Karla Ortiz

Teacher Artwork by Karla Ortiz

Teacher Artwork by Karla Ortiz

Karla Ortiz - Award winning concept artist and illustrator

"Be a really good person. The industry rewards people who are kind, who care about the community, who are always there and willing to share...” 

This episode of the Syn Studio podcast features Karla Ortiz, an award-winning concept artist, and illustrator currently working at Marvel Studios.

Karla has worked as an artist-designer for HBO, Universal Studios, Fantasy Flight Games, NCsoft, Wizards of the Coast, Tor Books,The Science Fiction Book Club, ILM and she is currently freelancing as an independent artist for the movie, video game and illustration fields. Under the supervision of Carl Dobsky she studied at The Safehouse Atelier (unfortunately the Safehouse Atelier is now closed).

She has also been involved in several major industry events including Trojan Was a Unicorn (2014) , Bali Illustration Workshop (2014), and Syn Studio Gathering of Masters (2018) as a lecturer, guest speaker and mentor.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

[1:30] – What is Karla’s typical day like?

[7:58] – How Karla discovered her passion for illustration at the age of 10

[11:05] – The painters who inspired Karla in her career

[13:35] – Favorite video games and how they inspire her work

[30:19] – Hints for aspiring artists who want a similar career

[32:21] – The key to learning and progressing

[36:22] – Working with a client and how to take criticism constructively

[37:40] – The importance of personal projects

[40:54] – What education has Karla received to achieve this level? The importance of being surrounded by professionals

[45:10] – Overcoming insecurity when pursuing an artistic career

[48:00] – Secret projects, workshops, exhibitions, and other news

[51:08] – How the industry of Fine Arts and Artistic Design is changing

[57:10] – The future of humanity (according to Karla) or how to keep hope for a better future!

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Films Mentioned

Lego (Phil Lord, Christopher Miller)

Ip Man 1 (Wilson Yip)

IP Man 2 (Wilson Yip)

The Aviator (Martin Scorsese)

Tai-Chi Master (Yuen Woo Ping)

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