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Brian Sum

Teacher Artwork by Brian Sum

Teacher Artwork by Brian Sum

Brian Sum - Freelance Concept Artist

“Back in the days, you would start doing a perspective drawing for an environment but nowadays it’s just quicker to block in a scene in 3D."

In This Episode…

Anthony, Stephen and Brian discuss robots, science-fiction and recent movies on top of covering Brian’s tricks, techniques and experiences with working on many different high profile video games

Here’s what you’ll learn:
[01:02] The type of music and podcasts that helps Brian get into the zone when he draws
[04:03] Brian’s inspirations including science-fiction shows, artists and Anthony recounts the time he met Syd Mead
[14:14] Art in the industry: the use of 3D and the variety of pieces that are created
[18:36] – From Graphic design to Film School to where he is now – we discuss the life of Brian
[26:11] – Brian tell us about his first job in the industry and how he was able to transition from animator to Concept Art
[33:02] – The group talks spaceships, Mass Effect and review the new sci-fi movie Arrival
[41:55] – The group discusses other sci-fi works such as Dune and Brian gives us a list of awesome comic book artists to check out!
[46:42] – Ghost in the Shell: some thoughts on the anime vs the American live-action
[58:02] – Brian tells us about a day in his life at work, including free breakfast at Bioware
[1:02:50] – What is Bioware’s Mass Effect team like?
[1:05:04] – Drawing tools and what Brian uses to draw his designs as well as some advice for beginner Concept Artists
[1:17:06] – Imagining ZBrush in VR and other ways it could transform the Concept Art workflow
[1:22:17] – How Brian tackles his personal art and how it is influenced by his job art
[1:27:07] – Conventions, Kickstarter, Patreon, social media… The group discusses different options indie artists can profit from their art
[1:36:47] – The final burning question: What is Brian’s favourite Mass Effect character?

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