EP 26 – Po Yuen “Kenny” Lam – District 9, Avatar, Tin Tin, Deus Ex, Rainbow Six, Army of 2…

This Syn Studio podcast features Po Yuen Kenny Lam, a multidisciplinary artist who has worked on many game and film projects, including District 9, Tin Tin, Avatar, Deus Ex, Rainbow Six and many more! Kenny has worked not only as a concept artist but as a lead texture artist, previsualization artist and art director. Just this month he has switched from Ubisoft Montreal as an Art Director to Ubisoft Toronto, working on a new top-secret project none of us know about… We are honoured to have him chat with us for this podcast!

“Art is supposed to [have] a lot of iterations – a lot of re-thinking, re-evaluating…” 

In This Episode…

Anthony and Stephen chat with Kenny about what it’s like to work at Weta Digital, THQ, and other film and game companies. Kenny dives into detail about the workflow, the process and the environments of such companies as well as the many technical and artistic aspects of the productions. Full of insight, this podcast touches on multiple topics, both personal and business, with Kenny’s past and growth as an artist being brought to light as well. This is a great podcast for any aspiring artist out, especially those coming from a more technical background and those who want to learn about film production.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
[01:40] What exactly is pre-visualization? The difference between pre-visualization and concept art
[06:10] Switching to texture and his work on Avatar
[09:00] What it’s like at Weta Digital with James Cameron as lead
[10:25] Craziest James Cameron story?
[12:25] As lead texture artist on District 9
[16:45] His favourite job so far
[17:45] Kenny’s start with a computer science degree and how he got to become such an accomplished artist
[25:20] Syn Studio’s exciting news!
[29:00] The importance of art history in terms of one’s own personal artwork
[33:00] Kenny’s interest in photography in improving his own artwork
[36:05] Equipment talk! What Wacom does he use?
[39:45] His time after Weta Digital – moving back to Montreal to start a family while working on Deus Ex
[44:30] What happens when parents don’t support your artistic aspirations
[47:00] Leveling up in life is like leveling up in a game – you need to put in the experience
[54:25] The difference between working at a game production vs film production
[59:00] Kenny’s advice for aspiring artists as well as for his younger self


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