Winter term classes begin on January 8th. Late registration is still available for some classes.

Online Concept Art Program

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Basic Admission Requirements

1. Do you already have some training or proficiency in the fundamentals of realistic drawing and digital painting? Does your portfolio demonstrate your skill level? You should have acquired the skills and knowledge in the following areas: Human anatomy, gestural drawing, perspective, depicting form and values and digital painting.

2. Do you have at least an intermediate level of spoken English and can demonstrate this in an online interview?

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You meet the basic requirements to apply for the Online Concept Art Program!

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1. If you need to level-up your artistic skills, we have designed a Fundamentals Bootcamp specifically meant to help students improve in the aforementioned areas.
2. Cestar College will soon be offering online English classes. If you are interested and would like to be added to a waiting list, please send us an email at [email protected]

Program Overview

School Name:
Cestar Collège - Syn Studio
Program Name:
Online Concept Art Program
Language of Instruction:

Program Features and Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different from the Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program?
Due to the popularity of our online classes as well as our Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program, we have decided to combine the two to offer an intensive Online Concept Art Program. This program is influenced by our Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program, and is 12 months in length as opposed to 18 months. It is designed to help you put together a portfolio suitable for the industry that will make you more competitive when applying for jobs. Similar to the Concept Art AEC (693630) in English Program, you will be working among peers, networking with teachers and art directors in the industry, and will receive guidance and personalized one on one feedback on your work. Assignments are also graded and students will be required to pass every course in order to complete the program.

How much does it cost?
The Online Concept Art Program is $20,000 CAD in total.

Are there any payment plans for this program?
Payment for the program is split into four installments of $5,000 CAD.

How many students are in a cohort?
Each cohort will consist of a maximum of 25 students.

What tools and software will be needed for the program?
You will need to have a computer or laptop that is capable of comfortably running Photoshop and Blender, which will be the primary software that you will be using for the program.

Are international students allowed to apply?
Everyone is welcome to apply, international students included! This program is not accredited, meaning that international students will not need to apply for a Study Permit.

What kind of student will be accepted into the program?
Students that are accepted into the program should already have a strong and solid foundations of the fundamentals, meaning anatomy, colour, perspective, composition and rendering. The first two terms of the program will focus on advanced fundamentals by developing your skills even further. The last two terms of the program will focus on you building your portfolio.

Is there any language requirement?
All of our classes will be conducted in English.

If I am an international student, do I need to apply for a study permit for this program?
Study Permits are not required for this program.

Will I get a Diploma at the end of this program?
Students that complete this program will receive a certificate of completion. This is not an accredited program, so the certificate received is not recognized by higher educational institutions. However, when applying for work in the industry, the primary factor in getting a job is showing and producing a strong portfolio.

Does this program offer a Postgraduate Work Permit afterwards?
This program is not eligible for a post graduate work permit upon completion.

Admission Process, Dates and Tuition

Early Portfolio Application Review:
September 6, 2023
Advanced Portfolio Application Review:
November 29, 2023
General Portfolio Application Review:
April 3, 2024
Results Announced:
May 2024

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