Winter term classes begin on January 10th. Late registrations still available for some classes.

Interior Concept Design

A 10-week course where you learn to envision, design, and paint a rich and complete 2-level interior space from start to finish

Teacher Artwork by Paulo Galamgam

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Teacher Artwork by Paulo Galamgam

Interior Concept Design

Do you possess good digital painting and perspective skills but don't yet have the advanced interior design knowledge and expertise to create high quality interior environment concepts? 

Do you dream of designing iconic interiors for the entertainment industry that enhance the storyline and amplify the visual experience? The ability to design convincing interior spaces is possibly the most useful specialization a concept artist can have. Most AAA video games and movies tend to require more concept art for unique interior environments than anything else.

In this interior concept design class, you will learn to envision, design and paint a rich and complete 2-level interior space from start to finish. Through lecture, demonstration and in class exercises, you will be guided step-by-step through the entire process of creating jaw-dropping interior concepts. You will learn effective research techniques and essential principles of composition that will enable you to efficiently sketch interior spaces in 2 point perspective as well as using a 3D software. In addition, you will also learn advanced interior design principles and powerful presentation techniques so you can integrate narrative elements and place them in your design in a way that best communicates the concept and interests the viewer. 

By the end of this class, you will have the understanding and skills necessary to efficiently create beautiful and believable interior concepts for the entertainment industry. You will have several stunning new interior environments for your portfolio, an improved design sense, increased painting speed and a much deeper understanding of lighting and interior design. And you will have become proficient at one of the most valuable skill sets in the industry.

  • Course Type Concept Art and Illustration Classes
  • Duration 10 Weeks
  • Skill Level
    Level 4
    Level 4

    This expert-level is for students who are ready to boost their portfolio and design process to a professional level.

    This level is about discovering and diving deeper into new tools (such as 3D), further polishing and rendering work and exploring professional pipelines of the entertainment industry.

  • Language English

Winter term classes begin on January 10th. Late registrations still available for some classes.

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Note: This class will be offered online only

Class Timings: Tuesdays from 10 AM to 1 PM, Eastern Standard Time (EST or UTC-5h)

Date of first class: January 11th

Duration: 10 weeks

If you are unable to attend the class during the times listed above, you will still have access to video recordings of the class lectures and will still receive personalized feedback from your instructor.



Skill requirements 

To enroll in this course you should have:

  • Intermediate drawing and digital painting skills (use of proper perspective, proportions, shading and colour).
  • Proficiency in Photoshop.
  • Some 3D modelling experience in either Blender, Maya, Modo, or 3ds Max.
  • Ideally completed our Digital PaintingIntro to Concept Art,and Analytical Sketching classes or have equivalent practice/experience.

If you are unsure of your skill level, please contact [email protected] for additional guidance.


Language and age requirements

You should have at least intermediate level English to take this class. Please also note that Syn Studio’s classes are targeted towards adults and students should be 16 years or older to enroll.

Required Materials

The instructor will be using Procreate to explain his process, and during class demos. You can use either Photoshop or Procreate for your work.

You need to have a desktop computer or a laptop with Photoshop or Procreate installed and a graphic tablet sensitive to pen pressure (such as a Wacom tablet), or you need a tablet computer with Photoshop or Procreate installed that is sensitive to pen pressure (such as the Cintiq Companion).

Photoshop/ Procreate and the free software Blender and Sketchup must be installed and working properly BEFORE the first class, as well as your Wacom tablet. We will not have time to resolve technical issues in class.

Tech Requirements for Attending Syn Studio Online Classes

Minimum Requirements

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 600kbps bandwidth (up/down).
  • A Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a single core processor (at least 1 GHZ processing speed) or a smartphone/tablet with equivalent processing capabilities
  • Good speakers/earphones to listen to the classes
  • Browser - IE7+, Safari 5+, Firefox, Chrome
  • Operating System - Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6, Linux distro based on 3.0 kernel, Android 5.0, iOS 10


Syn Studio Recommendations

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 1.5Mbps bandwidth (up/down). You can also connect to the internet directly using your ethernet cable to improve your experience.
  • Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a dual core processor with at least 2 GHZ processing speed and a 4 GB RAM
  • High Quality speakers/earphones to listen to the classes
  • Browser & Operating System - We recommend using the latest version of the browser and operating system for an optimal online classroom experience.

Course Outline

*Below is the general outline. The detailed 10-week course outline will be communicated to students at a later date.

Part 1: Learn the essential principles of composition and interior design. Get an overview of the process of designing interiors and begin researching and creating reference boards for your first design brief.

Explore multiple design options by creating a series of rough thumbnails. Finalize a base room and floor plan that best satisfies the design requirements and continue exploring

Part 2: Learn to construct basic 3D models based on your plans using Blender or Sketchup. Gain expertise in effectively modelling 3D interiors that will immediately connect with your audience.

Become proficient in seamlessly integrating believable components to your designs to make your interior spaces more realistic and appealing.

Understand how to add lighting and strategically manipulate it to create the most compelling mood and atmosphere for your concept and maximize its storytelling aspects and visual appeal.

Part 3: Export your 3D scene into Photoshop and learn the most effective photobashing and paintover techniques to make your concept more eye-catching

Learn to best adjust the colours and tones while refining and polishing your image so you can create vibrant and realistic fully rendered 3D interior design concepts.

Add richness to your environment through details that enhance the narrative and the atmosphere. Learn some advanced rendering techniques and understand how and when to apply the finishing touches to your work

Check out the entire outline


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Winter term classes begin on January 10th. Late registrations still available for some classes.

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