EP 18 – Nick Oroc – Video Game Artist, Designer & Senior Illustrator – ​​Worked on Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Assassin’s Creed, Child Of Light

In this Syn Studio podcast Anthony speaks with Nick Oroc about his career as an illustrator and concept artist in the video game and publishing industry.

During this episode you will learn how a traditionally trained artist has transitioned to 21st century techniques and how it has influenced him in his career. Nick discusses how he started in the industry as a texture artist and how he rose to become internationally renowned within a few years.

“Have passion. Be patient. Be driven. Be curious and Constantly practice. There is no other way of doing it.” – Nick Oroc [1: 15: 50]

During this interview Nick reveals some anecdotes of his career, from his beginning as a student to some of the professional experiences that influenced him. You’ll learn how an artist guided by his passion and creativity was able to climb the rungs of the video game industry and become a top concept artist. Nick also explains why he does not want to specialize in a specific genre and why he constantly strives to have challenges in order to excel.

Adaptability, versatility, passion and perseverance perfectly summarize this exceptional career. Not to be missed!

In This Episode…

Here are some highlights from this podcast:

  • The project, Child of Light – its characteristics, its origin and inspiration [1:30]
  • The roles of concept artists in Child of Light [7: 30]
  • How Nick joined the team of concept artists on Child of Light [13:40]
  • His studies and difficulties in the Illustration and Design Program at Dawson College in the 1990’s [27:55]
  • The importance of experimenting with different mediums to discover your abilities and tastes [36:20]
  • Two personality traits that allow him to get where he is today: his insatiable curiosity and the constant search for personal challenges. [37:00]
  • The six years from the time of his studies until his introduction to Ubisoft. Nick’s discovery of digital art. [40:30]
  • His meeting with Sparth (aka Nicolas Bouvier) and how it changed his artistic career. [56: 10]
  • The start of a new career and international recognition. The ADAPT 2008 Conference (Montreal), The Art of Games 2009 (Aosta, Italy) [1:00 09]
  • His passion for making slingshots! [1:11:11]
  • His valuable advice for those who want to become concept artists [1:15: 14]
  • His unique technique to create more believable and realistic worlds. The importance of sensory experiences and travel. [1:20:00]

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