EP 23 – Justin Yun – Section Studios and Blue Canvas – Art Director, Concept Artist and Illustrator for Video Games, Television, Music Videos and Film!

In this Syn Studio podcast, Anthony chats with Justin Yun at the Effects Montreal conference. Justin flew in from Los Angeles and is co-founder of the art outsourcing and game company Section Studios and also founder of Blue Canvas, a magazine publication as well as an online artist community. He has worked as an art director, concept artist and illustrator in the entertainment industry for the past 9 years and his work has ranged from video games to television, music videos and film. Some of the clients of Section Studios include Riot Games, Harmonix, Sony, Gearbox and Microsoft, among many others. Justin is currently teaching at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

“Your foundation is the cake. People are just trying to go with the sprinkles first. Imagine having a cake with just sprinkles and frosting. That’s just not it. You need mileage to make sure that you know how to build [the foundation of the cake] before you put on the sprinkles and frosting.”

In This Episode…

Justin and Anthony chat about artists and the entertainment industry. Having had extensive experience in the industry, Justin offers invaluable insight into what it takes to be a professional artist and discusses the importance of hard work, persistence and experience. He also gives his perspective on the future of the entertainment industry and the changes that are occurring right now. This podcast is sure to be useful to all the aspiring artists out there who wish to have a career in the art and entertainment industry. We hope you enjoy this podcast!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [00:20] Intro to Justin Yun and Section Studios
  • [03:00] Discussions about art and types of artists: understanding your role in a project
  • [08:00] Problem solving as an artist: using your different skills and interests creatively to incorporate into your art
  • [10:50] The important elements of design in the entertainment industry
  • [12:40] Persistence, hard work and experience: gaining mileage
  • [13:25] Justin’s time at the Art Centre College of Design in L.A.
  • [15:10] The never-ending process of progression for all artists
  • [17:25] Justin talks about his art outsourcing and game company Section Studios
  • [19:05] The growing emergence of indie game studios
  • [21:55] Justin’s inspirations for his artwork
  • [27:50] As a teacher: how to give honest evaluation for students who don’t know if they’re ready
  • [32:35] The importance of work ethic and being a team player
  • [35:30] Insecurities of an artist and how to handle criticism
  • [38:45] Getting over creative block: Justin and Anthony talks about the various techniques for inspiration
  • [43:50] The future of the industry?
  • [47:20] The progress of technology: gamifying life and changing lifestyles

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Even More…

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