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Full Time Art Instructor

Full Time, Onsite

Teacher Artwork by Meinert Hansen

We are looking for a passionate and skilled individual to join our team as a full time Concept Art Instructor. As an Instructor, you will be teaching our diploma program students and non-diploma students the fundamental theory and technical processes essential in the creation of compelling industry-ready concept art. You will be coaching students on a variety of art styles and helping them meet set requirements. You will be delivering feedback and solving design issues, evaluating classwork, and assigning grades.

Our Instructors provide hands-on experience and guidance on a variety of assignments throughout the course of their classes and most find that this constant analysis sharpens their own critical thinking skills, as well as creative and problem-solving abilities.


Key Accountabilities

  • Must have more than 5 years experience creating concept art work in the video game, Illustration, or VFX industry
  • Prepare course content in a timely and organized manner
  • Evaluate classwork and assign grades according to a predetermined schedule
  • Communicate with Director of Studies regarding student issues, course content, grading and other related matters
  • Demonstrate art process live 
  • Instruct, guide and critique students in a professional manner 
  • Assist students in the creation of artwork that meets industry standards and expectations
  • Participate in teacher meetings and company meetings if necessary


Skills and Requirements

  • High level of creativity and problem-solving skills 
  • Highly versatile with an understanding of best practices for reaching a visual target 
  • Strong technical aptitude in Adobe Photoshop
  • Preferred but not mandatory: Knowledge of integrating 3D production techniques into a concept art workflow. Ability to use Blender and/or other 3D software programs.
  • A high proficiency in ideation and producing iterative designs, clarifying and over painting design changes.
  • Strong artistic aptitude in 5 or more of the following:

-Industrial design,
-Life/gesture/figure drawing,
-Animal anatomy
-Creature design
-Character design
-Environment design
-Prop and/or vehicle design
-Photo manipulation

  • Solid grasp on art fundamentals, functional design, realism and stylization.
  • Highly organized individual with an eye for details, precision and a passion for leading and mentoring. Open to sharing techniques and workflow. 
  • An effective communicator capable of efficiently diagnosing problems and producing appropriately focused solutions
  • Ability to maintain visual coherency in concept work
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • College / University degree in an Art related field (including architecture and industrial design) is a bonus but not required
  • Must be a Canadian resident and be a Canadian citizen/Permanent resident


Additional Information




JOB FUNCTIONS: Art/Creative, Education
WE OFFER - 7 weeks paid vacation per year. Maximum of 27 hours teaching time per week + maximum 13 hours of class-related administrative tasks per week. Up to 18 hours of teaching time per week will be done onsite at our physical location, the remaining hours can be done remotely from home.

PAY RATE: CAD$100,000 per annum


About Us

At Syn Studio, we strive to make quality arts education more accessible than ever before. Since 2007, we've been helping amateur and professional artists take their skills to the next level.

Syn Studio has become a recognized leader in the field of concept art training and our passion for training great artists and preparing them for successful careers in the industry has led to rapid growth in all of our arts programs. To this end, we are seeking skillful,  passionate concept artists who can join our team and help pave the way towards achieving our goal of training the next generation of great artists for years to come.

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