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    Teacher Information

    Salgood Sam is a comics artist with over 25 years experience crafting sequential art for both love and money. He has worked as Work For Hire talent, in addition to serving as an editor, and in the art restoration of classic comics. In recent years, he has financed his independent graphic novels through grants and crowdfunding. He is personally familiar with nearly all aspects of the art form.

    Starting early in the 90s he was employed by Marvel and DC Comics as a freelancer on titles such as ‘Saint Sinner’, ‘Clive Barker's Nightbreed’, ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Morbius: the Living Vampire’, ‘Ghost Rider 2099’, ‘Spider-Man 2099’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Ghostbusters’, and ‘Terminator’.

    He’s best known today for his work on ‘Sea of Red’ (Image Comics) and the graphic novels ‘Therefore, Repent!’ (IDW/NMK) and ‘Dream Life | a late coming of age’ (Self Published/Kickstarter). He also lent a hand restoring Frank King’s classic comic strip Gasoline Alley for Drawn and Quarterly, and currently self-publishes his own comics anthology series ‘Revolver Quarterly’, showcasing a wide variety of drawing and narrative styles. As an independent publisher, he has run three successful crowdfunding campaigns.

    Additionally he helped found both the Monthly Toronto Comic Jam, the Monthly Montreal Comic Jam, the comics news site Sequential, and is the recipient of three grants in addition to serving on Peer Jury for the Canadian Council for the Arts, judging graphic novel grant applications. Salgood is also an experienced and popular teacher at Syn Studio.

    Course Outline

    Week 1: Introduction. Learn about the history of cartoon and caricature, and how, if at all, it differs from other art. Develop the skills required to draw a cartoony character out of geometric shapes or doodles.

    Week 2: Gain knowledge about the different groups of cartoon art and how every contemporary cartooning can fit into one of these categories.

    Week 3: Learn about the evolution of comics art and cartooning tools - from the classics to the latest. Understand the rationale behind the usage of pencil roughs and inking in cartooning.

    Week 4: Acquire the skills required to achieve depth in your cartoon art, in addition to learning the basic principles of composition to provide a hint of realistic touch to your cartoons.

    Week 5: Explore the concepts of line weight, hatching and value. Understand how to apply these concepts in your cartoons so that they look visually appealing.

    Week 6: Learn about the style of caricature art. Develop the skills required to present your story in an exaggerated and satirical manner through the usage of caricatures.

    Week 7: Gain proficiency in the technique of using color in your cartoons to make them look vibrant and captivating.

    Week 8: Understand the important role that lighting and the use of dark plays to create effects that make your cartoons more captivating.

    Weeks 9 - 10: Apply all that you’ve learned to a final portfolio project while receiving one-on-one coaching from the instructor.


    Wednesday from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM

    Date of first class: July 10th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: English

    You can register at the bottom-left of this page.



    Does the world of cartoons, comics and animation fascinate you? Cartoons can be humorous, serious or satirical and featured in print, online or any other visual media. Cartooning is a simple yet powerful and fun way to express yourself through art.

    In this beginner’s class, taught by veteran cartoon and comic book artist, Salgood Sam, you will learn constructive drawing techniques behind some of the greatest draftsmen of animation and comic art. With a combination of drawing and practice sessions in each class, this course will help you understand the “what?” and the “how?” of the cartooning art process.

    First, you will start with the basics, trying to build characters out of simple shapes. Then you will proceed to understand the styles of cartoon art as well as the tools you can use for the cartoon creation process. You will then gain knowledge about the principles of composition and the ways to achieve depth in your art, in addition to important concepts of line weight, hatching and value. You will be introduced to the art of caricature, different coloring techniques and the important role that lighting and the use of dark plays in the creation of a good cartoon. Finally you will apply what you learned from the class to the creation of a new piece that demonstrates your proficiency in the art of cartooning.

    By the end of this course, you will be well versed in the different styles of cartooning. You will have gained powerful techniques that will give you the ability to convey your story through the exciting medium of cartoons.


    This course is well suited for complete beginners, as well as intermediate artists looking to explore styles. You can choose to do the class the traditional way or using a tablet/laptop which has a Photoshop or any other drawing program installed. 

    Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).



    This is a popular class and we expect that it will fill up very quickly. $470  $430.


    The Regular Registration Deadline is Wednesday the 12th of June at 11:59 PM


    • Learn the different types of cartooning and how you can use them to powerfully express your ideas
    • Study with a 26-year industry veteran of the cartooning, comics and animation industries
    • Learn the most essential techniques that are used to create visually appealing cartoons

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