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    Veronique Meignaud is a concept artist, designer and illustrator specializing in visual development for multimedia environments. In a career spanning over 12 years, she has worked for companies such as Ubisoft, 4U2C, Gameloft, Take Off, Arkane Studios, Steambot Studios, Wizards of the Coast and Electronic Arts on a variety of projects including Far Cry 4, Child of Light, Dishonored, Magic The Gathering and Monster Life. She has also worked on several large events such as concerts by Jean Leloup and Céline Dion as well as Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK. Veronique's work has been published in  magazines such as Imagine FX #56 and Advanced Photoshop #66, among others. Veronique is currently working as a senior artist and illustrator at Moment Factory

    Course Outline

    Week 1 – Introduction: Understand the general structure of a project and learn about its key components such as storyline and moodboards so you can conceive an impressive and compelling pitch that fulfills the client’s mandate

    Week 2 – Identification: Learn how to precisely identify your ideas and shape them according to your project brief so they resonate with the audience and become an instant hit.

    Week 3 – Meaningful Sketches: Become proficient in the different ways of sharing your ideas through thumbnails so you can quickly start illustrating the ideas for your project. Learn when and how to use wide shots, close ups, perspective angles and narrative intentions to elevate your storytelling.

    Week 4 – Planning and Presenting: Learn how to organize and plan by determining realistic goals so you can present your project in a convincing, appealing and professional manner.

    Week 5 – Storyboard and Animatics: Acquire the skills required to conceive a narrative with your sketches so you can create captivating storyboards and attractive animatics.

    Week 6 – Enhanced Sketches: Gain proficiency in the usage of brushes, textures and learn atmosphere rendering techniques so you can create sketches that are dynamic and vibrant.

    Week 7 – 3D Sketches: Learn the basics of SketchUp so you can quickly create effective 3D blockouts.

    Week 8 – Advanced Illustrations: Understand how to use colour, contrast, depth, details, materials and lighting so you can add the right emotions and atmosphere to your illustrations.

    Week 9-10 – Deadlines and Conclusion: Gain the skills that will help you avoid the common issues that can disrupt your progress. Learn how to adjust the finer aspects and fix the missing details in your project so you can create stunning concept pieces on a deadline.


    Thursday from 6 PM to 9 PM

    Date of first class: July 13th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    Language: The class is in English but the teacher is bilingual and is happy to answer questions in French.

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    This class is full. You can e-mail us at to be put on the waiting list. See also our Digital Painting class. 


    Do you want to be a concept artist for movies, video games or high budget stage productions? Do you want to possess the ability to design and develop the look of your project according to the mandate and pitch your concepts convincingly? Concept artists are a vital component of the visual development process for any game, movie or stage production. They are required to design characters, props and stories that establish a deep and genuine connection with the audience to keep them engrossed and entertained.

    In this visual development course, you will gain the knowledge and the skills that will enable you to create compelling concepts and pitch them successfully. You will learn how to establish the general structure of your project and become proficient in conceiving your pitch according to the given requirements. You will become adept at precisely identifying your main ideas and sharing them through thumbnail compositions. You will learn how to make them vivid and coherent so your concept art can captivate your audience and strike an instant chord with them.

    You will gain proficiency in creating storyboards and animatics from simple sketches and understand how to enhance these sketches using various tools, textures and rendering techniques. You will learn how to use SketchUp to create efficient 3D sketches. You will become proficient using lighting, colours, detail, depth, contrast and materials to create beautiful, robust and emotionally expressive illustrations. Finally you will learn how to adjust the finer details, fill in the missing parts and avoid the pitfalls that can derail your project so you can create a compelling final concept.

    By the end of this course, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to perfectly translate your ideas into a defined concept for any setting. You will have the skills necessary to plan and finish your project on time and create fantastic sketches that meet and exceed expectations!


    This class is for people with some experience in realistic style drawing and painting and basic skill in Photoshop. 
    You should have completed at least some intermediate level drawing class like Digital Painting (or have equivalent experience in realistic style drawing and painting in Photoshop: use of proper perspective, proportions, shading and colour). 
    You also need to have a laptop with Photoshop and SketchUp installed and a tablet sensitive to pen pressure (such as a Wacom tablet). Or you need a tablet-computer with Photoshop and SketchUp installed that is sensitive to pen pressure (such as the Cintiq Companion). And you need to have some basic skills in Photoshop and be comfortable drawing and painting in Photoshop and know how to use layers and the basic tools (all things you can learn quickly with free tutorials online).
    Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).


    This class is NOT offered for the current semester. Please email us to be added to a waiting list for this class or join our newsletter for next semester's info.

    In the meantime, you can consult our classes page to see which classes are offered for the present semester.




    • Become proficient in shaping your ideas so they are rich, coherent and strike an emotional chord with your audience.
    • Avoid the common pitfalls that disrupt your progress and learn how to complete your project on time.
    • Learn the skills to convincingly pitch your ideas to clients, art directors and your concept team.
    • Acquire some advanced rendering techniques so you can create beautifully and lively concepts.

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