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    Teacher Information

    Charles Vinh is a master painter and illustrator who has repeatedly won high profile contracts with companies such as Visa, Canada Post, Bombardier, Sapporo, Chevrolet, Unibroue and many others. He has also illustrated several book covers, been selected to paint official portraits of dozens of NHL all-stars and has been a matte painter and art consultant for television and film. His paintings have won numerous prestigious awards and he is an amazing teacher with many years of experience.

    Course Outline

    Week 1: Review and deepen your understanding of tonality in a half-tone exercise with still life.
    Week 2: Become proficient using a powerful block-in technique in half tone with fast and bold brush strokes and a mannequin head for reference.
    Week 3 & 4: Understand how to paint realistic textures by studying how light interacts with different materials such as chrome.
    Week 5: Train your eye to perceive very subtle differences in color and tone with a still life study featuring the interaction between multiple “white” objects under light sources of different colour. 
    Week 6: Understand how to use the impressive glazing technique which adds extra luminosity and brilliance to your work.
    Week 7, 8, 9, 10: Learn how to mix rich skin tones then apply everything you’ve learned to a final painting with a live model.


    Mondays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

    Date of first class: January 16th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    You can register at the bottom-left of this page.


    Do you already know the fundamentals of oil painting and wish to become proficient in applying advanced concepts so you can create stunning full-colour artwork? An in-depth knowledge of colour, lighting and value is essential for any oil painter to create lifelike paintings. Master painters, with years of research and practice, have developed techniques that have enabled them to capture the perfect type of lighting and colour to produce rich and vibrant images.

    This studio course, with the help of still life objects and live models, will train your eye to see beyond the local colour of the subject and give you a deeper understanding of colour and light. You will gain knowledge of how to paint with light and increase your proficiency in painting a variety of materials without any loss in their lustre or texture. You will improve your perception of color and tone in addition to gaining expertise in mixing colors through exercises designed to study the interaction between the light sources and materials. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the glazing technique, the application of which will add extra luminosity and brilliance to your work.

    By the end of this advanced oil painting course, your knowledge of color theory and light will have increased greatly, giving you the ability to paint anything accurately from inanimate objects to living creatures. You will be able to push the limits of your creativity to an extent that you never thought possible, creating paintings that successfully capture the mood and feel of any subject.


    This is a class designed for people who have already taken our Foundations of Painting course or have equivalent experience with traditional oil painting techniques.

    Language requirements : You need at least intermediate level English OR French to take this class (the teacher is bilingual and can explain concepts and give feedback in both languages).


    This new course, developed by one of our most experienced teachers, has been added by popular demand and we expect that it will fill up very quickly $470. $430.


    • Gain an in-depth understanding of the relationships between intensity, hue, tone and colour temperature so you have maximum control over your painting.
    • Improve your perception of colour and tone while mastering the medium so you can mix exactly the colours you want.
    • Learn advanced techniques that will make your paintings look richer and more believable.

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