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Syn Studio Gathering of Masters

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Syn Studio Gathering of Masters is cancelled for 2021.

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Syn Studio Gathering of Masters

Note: Due to Covid-19, Syn Studio’s Gathering of Masters 2021 has been postponed until 2022 and all the speakers listed below have confirmed for the 2022 event. 

Syn Studio’s Gathering of Masters is a small, laid-back 4-day art festival held in Montreal with lots of socializing between the invited guests, who are eminent concept art industry professionals, and the participating artists. The event, currently in its fifth year, provides artists with the opportunity to meet their concept art idols up close, interact with them, gain valuable insight into their working process and learn from their personal and professional experiences.

A mix of interactive workshops and fun activities, the event has been continuously attracting artists from around the world, with many returning every year.

The event will feature 5-8 speakers and a total of 65 tickets sold, making it a very intimate event. Over a period of 4 days, participating artists meet and connect with each other, get inspired, share their knowledge and art progress and work together to develop and push the boundaries of their illustration, design and art direction skills.

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Who is this for?

Syn Studio Gathering of Masters is aimed at concept artists and art directors working in the video game, film, television and related industries as well as advanced students. 

Many participants from previous editions term the 4-day event a life-changing experience as it provides anyone currently working in or looking to enter the concept art industry with a fantastic opportunity to:

Connect and bond with the masters and fellow artists from around the world. 

Collaborate with other artists to find solutions for major artistic issues facing the industry today.

Challenge themselves to push the boundaries and develop new skills.

Create new art alongside fellow artists during interactive and fun workshops and activities.

Speaker Info

The speakers confirmed for next year's Gathering of Masters are:

James Gurney

Artist and Illustrator

James Gurney is an artist and illustrator best known for his famous Dinotopia adventure series

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Terryl Whitlatch

Creature Designer

Terryl Whitlatch is considered to be one of the top creature designers working in the industry today

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Concept Artist and Character Designer

Loish is a freelance concept artist and character designer

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Pablo Carpio

Freelance Concept Artist and Production Designer

Pablo Carpio is a Production Designer at Duncan Studio, Los Angeles

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The event includes activities such as a roundtable discussion, interactive workshops, portfolio reviews, figure drawing and a cocktail party that are 2-3 hours in length.

Roundtable discussion - A moderated informal discussion with the participating masters where they share their professional and personal experiences and provide solutions for the most common problems that today’s concept artists face. 

Interactive workshops - The interactive workshops are 2-3 hours in length and provide the artists with the chance to learn the masters’ working process. These workshops are designed so you can create art along with the masters and get feedback on your artwork. Examples of interactive workshops from past events include How to Paint from Life with Karla Ortiz, Character Design with Matt Rhodes and New Concept Art Pipeline with Jama Jurabaev, among others.

Portfolio Reviews - Portfolio Review sessions provide the participants with a great opportunity to get their work critiqued by the masters. Conducted on a first come first served basis, these sessions help the participants identify their weaknesses and get expert advice on improving their portfolio and becoming a successful concept artist.

Figure Drawing - A workshop where participants can improve and strengthen their life drawing skills under the guidance of a master.

Cocktail Party and Speed Painting Battle - A fun networking cocktail party featuring a speed painting battle event where participants go head to head with each other and masters!

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