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    Teacher Information

    Jose Holder is an illustrator with 22 years of experience in concept art and storyboarding for movies, commercials, video games, music videos, comics and stage. He’s been involved in the production of many films including Screamers2, Orphan, Taking Lives, Red2 and Warm Bodies, and participated on national TV campaigns for high profile clients like McDonald’s, Bell, Molson, IKEA, Coca Cola, Reebok and dozens more. Jose has contributed works to video games such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Rainbow 6: Siege at Ubisoft and comic book publishers like Marvel, IDW, & Boom!Studios. He is also an experienced teacher, having given art instruction to Montrealers for over a decade.

    Course Outline

    Weeks 1 - 3 -Gain proficiency in the essentials of line sketching and choosing the right lines to draw so your artwork displays the right emotion, style and level of detail for any scale.

    Weeks 4 - 6 - Learn a simple, schematic and effective way to break down the human figure as a simple combination of shapes so you can portray any figure accurately, from reference or imagination.

    Weeks 7 - 8 - You will gain expertise in the use of space and applying the rules perspective so you can integrate material from imagination and from reference in your artwork without compromising on its overall authenticity or visual quality.
    Weeks 9-10 - Finally, you will combine all that you have learned to draft a storyboard so you can convey a story or illustrate any sequence of events from imagination, reference or a combination of both.


    Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

    Date of first class: October 4th

    Duration: 10 weeks

    You can register at the bottom left of this page.


    Do you wish to build a successful portfolio but find your artwork to be unpolished, rough/unfinished and of lower quality than you’d like? Do you feel your lack of strong fundamental skills is preventing you from creating high quality work and having a fantastic portfolio? Successful concept artists possess strong fundamental skills which enables them to create original, convincing and production ready artwork.

    In this essential skills bootcamp class, you will improve your artistic abilities and strengthen your fundamentals through a series of exercises and tutorials. You will become proficient in the essentials of line sketching. You will learn to choose the right lines to draw so that your work has the right emotion, style and level of detail for the chosen scale. You will learn how to breakdown the human figure into simple shapes so you can easily depict people in any pose or movement. You will gain expertise in using space, form and the rules of perspective so you can accurately depict any character, creature, object or scene when drawing from life, reference or imagination.

    Concept artists and illustrators need to be adept at visual language and storytelling so they can convey their ideas to the audience in an easily understandable manner. During this course, you will learn how to effectively create storyboards so you can communicate important sequences of actions explaining how your prop, vehicle, character, creature or scene functions in an easy to understand and visually appealing way.

    By the end of this class you will have strengthened your fundamental skills, giving you the capability to refine your artwork and make it look stronger and more professional. Furthermore you will have attained the tools and technical knowledge necessary to expertly depict original stories and concepts from your imagination.


    This class is level 3, or advanced. Drawing the Human Form and Analytical Sketching or equivalent experience (competence and confidence drawing live models) is required.

    Language requirements: You need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and there will usually be students in the class who speak French and can help you if you don't understand something).


    Due to popular demand, we expect this class to fill up very fast! $470  $430

    The Early Registration Deadline is Wednesday the 15th of Aug at 11:59 PM.


    • Gain proficiency in line sketching and delineation so your artwork displays the right emotion, style and level of detail across different scales
    • Learn how to break down the human body as a simple and effective combination of shapes so you can portray any figure accurately
    • Become proficient in drafting storyboards so you can convey your story or concepts in a visually appealing way

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