EP 28 – Mystical Experiences, Psychedelics, Star Wars, Ontology and the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Jeevan – X-Men: Days of Future Past, Gods of Egypt, World of Warcraft, Deadpool…

This is a special Syn Studio podcast featuring matte painter and concept artist D. Jeevan, who is also a teacher at Syn Studio. Since our last podcast with him, Jeevan has been going on journeys into the mind and spirit. These experiences have greatly influenced his whole sense of being and has furthermore influenced his artwork in not just aesthetics but also with regard to intention. This podcast will delve into the experiences of a spiritual nature with entheogens such as ayahuasca and DMT, isolation tanks, holographic breathing and much more. Jeevan currently works at Rodeo FX where he has worked as a matte painter on several films, including: Gods of Egypt, World of Warcraft, Riddick, Deadpool, The Walk, The Last Witch Hunter, Unbroken, and many more.

“You don’t have to put this pressure on yourself to get anywhere. Drive and pressure are not the same thing.”

In This Episode…

Jeevan chats with Anthony, Stephen and Bing about his various spiritual experiences over the years and how it has affected not only his state of mind but his artwork and motivations. Jeevan gets into the details of ayahuasca, DMT, isolation tanks as well as the Landmark Forum, which all have served as major influences to his current state. This podcast goes deep into the innermost understandings of the human condition in terms of both mind and body, all of which are directly related to the artwork one makes. The podcast is jam-packed with wisdoms and insights relevant to all as well as jokes and Star Wars references. As art is an expression of oneself, understanding and being aware of the self can serve to be beneficial – or even necessary – to reaching one’s fullest artistic potential.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
[01:00] The new Star Wars movie, Jeevan’s favourite comics
[09:30] What is ayahuasca?
[11:00] Ayahuasca used to treat addiction
[14:00] Jeevan’s experiences with DMT: the sensory and emotional feelings
[17:05] The long-term impacts these experiences have made on others who have done it
[18:20] Is there a distinction between a drug and a medicine?
[20:25] Spiritual experiences and their interpretations
[22:30] Jeevan describes floating in an isolation tank
[26:20] The four types of ayahuasca experiences
[32:00] The lessons he learned from his experiences and how it has affected him in daily life
[39:45] Jeevan talks about the Landmark Forum and what it has done for him
[48:00] How he became a teacher at Syn Studio and the influence of the Forum
[52:25] What all artists look for when creating; “unblocking” both spiritually and artistically
[57:15] Change vs transformation in terms of personal growth
[1:06:25] Jeevan’s first breakthrough at the Forum
[1:07:50] Jeevan’s engineering background and how he became an artist
[1:12:50] The Tell-tale Brain; the neurological and evolutionary principles in terms of art
[1:20:50] How Jeevan’s art changed after both the Forum and the ayahuasca experiences
[1:35:20] The messages he got from all his psychedelic experiences
[1:41:30] How people go about these experiences says more about them than the experiences themselves
[1:52:25] Wim Hof and other meditation techniques
[1:55:50] Jeevan’s current direction and future plans
[1:56:40] Tablet talk!
[1:58:15] Advice for aspiring artists
[2:07:55] Jeevan’s advice for his 20-year-old self
[2:08:45] Syn Studio’s new Concept Art Diploma Program and closing comments

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