EP 45 – Jose Holder – Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist, Comic Book Artist and Illustrator – Assassin’s Creed: Uprising, Rainbow 6: Siege, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, C.R.A.Z.Y. …

We are super excited to welcome Jose Holder to this month’s Syn Studio podcast! Jose is currently working with Titan Comics as a Series artist on the Assassin’s Creed comic books and has also done storyboards for the Assassin’s Creed franchise among many other Ubisoft games. Previously he has done storyboard and concept art for films such as X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Glass Castle, Warm Bodies, The Mummy 3: Curse Of The Dragon Emperor, C.R.A.Z.Y. and the list goes on… Jose has also recently directed, written, produced and storyboarded the short film Red Ruby, which is a supernatural thriller meets quantum nightmare and has already won several awards in the film festival circuit.

“It’s all about the art. I think you really have to show how important this is to you, how hard you work and how often you want to share this material with your peers and your community”

In This Episode…

Anthony, Stephen, Caity and Jose discuss comics, the production behind his short film Red Ruby and delve into the mysteries of lucid dreaming, time, space and the universe.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

[00:44] – How Quantum mechanics and shower thoughts inspired Jose on making his short film, Red Ruby
[07:50] – Can near death experiences connect us to alternate universes? Jose shares some of his research on his comic book
[13:19] – Jose elaborates on his character “Ruby” from his award winning film and reveals when it will be available for public viewing
[17:35] – Jose talks about working on the Assassin’s Creed Comic Books, storyboarding for the games and talking hardcore lore with the fans on twitter
[20:11] – The type of constraints a storyboard artist will need to work with when dealing with video games and working one-on-one with directors
[25:41] – Jose tells the story behind designing Quicksilver’s cast in X-Men : Apocalypse
[28:10] – How to create an artist brand that can reach people
[30:20] – The challenges of being a first time director, deciding a budget, choosing actors and finding the time to shoot the film
[34:08] – Jose’s origin story, from living in London as a child to becoming a veteran artist in Montreal
[41:29] – “I had the piece of mind to diversify, to survive” – from reading scripts, to Graphic Design to conventions in the States, Jose tells us about his artistic journey
[44:31] – Giving out CVs, double dipping and great tips for building a Storyboard portfolio
[57:55] – How Jose keeps himself disciplined plus the group delves into the topic of lucid dreaming and post-waking hallucinations
[01:11:32] – The talk turns to various scientific studies regarding information sharing via dreams, genetics and emotional links
[01:22:38] – The group discusses their opinions on the universe plus government surveillance techniques in both fiction and real life
[01:36:22] – “It’s a window into your dedication, your perseverance, your work ethic”  – Jose shares how to create a professional online presence
[01:39:41] – Jose gives two important pieces of advice and what students should absolutely not do
[01:43:29] – Some comic book artists you need to check out plus Jose tells us which film directors he loved working with
[01:48:05] – Exercises that Jose did to learn the basics of perspective, anatomy, posing, etc.
[01:57:32] – Teaming up with writer and lawyer Ryan Garcia for the comic “Fallen”
[02:04:58] – “Now is our time, more than anything” – Jose on how artists can now publish, direct and create through their own platforms

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