EP 41 – Mathieu Latour-Duhaime – Senior Concept Artist – Star Wars Battlefront II, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Thief 4, DOOM, Need for Speed: Nitro…

This episode of the Syn Studio podcast features Mathieu Latour-Duhaime, an amazing senior concept artist who has worked at companies such as Electronic Arts (EA) Motive, Eidos-Montréal and more. Mathieu has a background in storyboarding, character design, environment design and animation and his credits include popular titles such as the recent Star Wars Battlefront II, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Thief 4 as well as an unannounced AAA game to be released by Eidos. We discuss Mathieu’s work on Thief, his background in various fields like 2D Animation and Concept Art, and some of his tricks and techniques to getting into the drawing mood. This podcast is great for those interested in the video game pipeline and looking for some inspiring art!

“Take the time to speak with your fellow artists, brainstorm, and sometimes ideas will pop in and you’ll get your inspiration back” – Mathieu on artist block

In This Episode…

Anthony, Stephen, Caity and Mathieu discuss Mathieu’s journey from 2D animation, to Concept Artist at EA motive, his techniques, inspirations plus some thoughts and banter revolving around AI, movies and games


Here’s what you’ll learn:

[04:06] – Mathieu talks about the latest project he is working on at EA motive and how the team coordinates together
[09:35] – Since Mathieu has been with EA motive early on, he tells us what it was like working at a company and seeing it grow very quickly
[11:06] – What Mathieu thinks is the biggest mistake amateur Concept Artists can do during a job interview
[12:30] – Learning 2D animation the old school way at Vieux Montreal College and how it shaped the artist Mathieu is today
[13:19] – Mathieu tells us about how he creates, the programs he uses and the benefits of using 3D in video game concept art
[16:48] – Mathieu gives us 3 great tricks on creating strong compositions for art
[18:41] – From 2D Animation to Concept Art – Mathieu talks about his search to find a career path that he could make a living off of as an artist
[22:21] – Getting in the mood: Mathieu talks about how he gets a drawing started and elaborates a bit on his pipeline
[24:04] – How does one design an Opium Room or an Asylum? Mathieu lets us in on the kind of research he had to do to create one
[29:58] – The group persuses Mathieu’s Escape Pods , Rusty Ship, Temple Entrance and discussion turns to why Brutalist architecture suits the Concept Art style
[36:16] – Are you a singularity believer? The talk turns deep as the group discusses techno religions and predictions of the future with AI
[43:09] – Mathieu describes his first Virtual Reality experience while riding on a roller coaster
[49:33] – A useful tip for using social media as an up-and-coming Concept Artist
[50:57] – “For an environment, from scratch, something that I am happy and comfortable with – 3 days” – Mathieu discusses why this is the perfect time frame to create a piece
[55:38] – “It’s good to learn new techniques, but at the end of the day, it has to be efficient for you” – Mathieu on learning new programs
[57:46] – Mathieu tells us about the places he’s traveled that have inspired him and where he plans to go next
[01:00:59] – The group’s final thoughts on Star Wars, CGI actors, conspiracy theories and Shaquille O’Neal

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