EP 39 – Charles Huteau – Creative Director at Ubisoft, Animator and Comic Book Artist – Eagle Flight, Shape Up, Monster Burner, MIKA’s “Lollipop” music video…

We are lucky to be joined for this Syn Studio podcast by Charles Huteau, the Creative Director behind Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed VR game, Eagle Flight. With experience as an animator, a comic book artist, a creative director and even a body painter and chalk artist, Charles has done it all! He has also been a User Experience Director on several Kinect games such as Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, the original and 2012 version. In this podcast, we discuss all the different artistic mediums Charles has practiced, to his experience working on Eagle Flight, to his heartwarming and hilarious comic book Les 9 derniers mois, which tells his own personal story of being an expectant father. This podcast is great for those interested in the process behind many different industry jobs!

“You have a huge screen, but if you don’t lead the eyes of the audience on something, they see nothing.”

In This Episode…

Charles talks with Anthony and Caity about the process behind making Ubisoft’s VR game, Eagle Flight and his experiences with being an animator, a video game designer and a comic book artist.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

[03:04] – The dramatic behind the scenes of the video game industry and how it’s radically different from animation and movies
[05:48] – “You can doubt – but at your house, alone in your room” Charles tells us about being a Creative Director on a video game
[07:49] – From drones to eagles to the extinction of humankind – Charles talks about brainstorming on Eagle Flight within a very short timeframe
[14:30] – Charles discusses researching Eagles and meeting a wildlife documentarist during the making of Eagle Flight
[17:11] – “One achievement in video games is to make people cry” – Charles tells us of some of the more heartwarming scenes in Eagle Flight
[18:44] – What VR has that can be more powerful than a movie or a short animation
[26:06] – Charles tells us the origin story of his nickname “Kalkair” during his street art experience with chalk
[28:43] – Skin jackin – sounds painful, but it isn’t! Charles defines it for us and tells us fun, related stories
[34:08] – The group discusses Animation: the techniques Charles learned and the story of how he managed to score a meeting with the director of Evangelion and FLCL in Japan
[46:03] – Charles recommends everyone check out the animated movie Persepolis and tells us a great story about the particular artists that were behind it
[49:51] – Les 9 derniers mois – What made Charles decide to document, in comic-form, his introduction to fatherhood and what message he hopes people will retain from it
[55:21] – Penis de table: exploring the sexuality of seven guys – Charles tells us about his new comic book project on giving men a voice to talk freely about their sexuality
[01:01:08] – From working on a game to seeing it on the big screen – Charles tells us how surreal it was for the Assassin’s Creed team to see their work interpreted by Hollywood
[01:10:03] – Are we in the year of VR? Why Charles thinks Virtual Reality is finally gaining momentum and what we can expect in the next few years
[01:14:19] – How do you design concept art for a VR game? Charles tells us what they came up with for Eagle Flight
[01:18:28] – A few final, funny stories from Charles of some of the more memorable reactions of people who played Eagle Flight in VR

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