EP 35 – Jessy Veilleux – Creative Director, Matte Painter and Concept Artist – Fallout 3, Sin City, 300, Star Wars, The Force Unleashed II…

This episode of Syn Studio podcast features concept artist, creative director and matte painter Jessy Veilleux. Founder of Meduzarts and Creative Director at Digital Dimension, Jessy has also done artwork for many different video games and movies, such as Star Wars, The Force Unleashed II, Avatar VG, 300, AION, Fallout 3, Sin City, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen VG, Assassin’s Creed II and Prince of Persia II and many more. Jessy has taught at many schools including Centre NAD, where he created the University’s first digital matte curriculum. He is now a teacher at Syn Studio, in the Concept Art Diploma Program. In this podcast, we discuss concept art job interviews, tricks for working long hours and Jessy’s artistic process, when working in the industry.

“We cheat reality. We will put highlights where there shouldn’t be any highlights, some shadows where they’re not supposed to be, but we play with this to direct your eyes where we want them to go”

In This Episode…

Anthony, Stephen and Jessy discuss concept art job interviews, tricks for working long hours and Jessy’s artistic process, when working in the industry.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

[01:25] – How Jessy finds the time to teach and work at the same time
[02:58] – Jessy tells us about growing Meduzarts over 10 years and their specialty: key arts
[10:00] – Jessy teaches students that sometimes cheating in art is okay
[12:04] – A typical day in the life of a creative director
[17:24] – Some workplace stories from communicating with people in different time zones to pipelines for a typical matte painting
[20:28] – Jessy tells us the worst thing you could do as a Creative Director
[22:45] – Key art can take between 600 – 1200 hours : Jessy tells us about the process
[29:52] – Things you should never say in a job interview – Jessy recalls his experiences with candidates
[38:35] – Video games: How they are trying to move away from typical illustrations and some of the most addicting games, according to Jessy
[45:21] – How 9GAG taught Jessy something important about the image he made for DOOM
[50:59] – The group discusses controversies behind movie posters, namely the Star Wars Rogue One poster
[1:09:32] – Jessy divulges why Sin City and 300 were some of his favourite movies to work on and some rendering techniques he used involving coffee
[1:17:48] – Why China will play a big part in the future of movies
[1:24:10] – “Some stuff I will be teaching is to make people believe you spent crazy hours on a piece, when you only spent two or three hours” – Jessy gives us an inside on the class he will be teaching at Syn Studio
[1:26:52] – Jessy gives us advice on painting with a mouse, tricks for pulling all-nighters and what to do when you’re stuck in an art piece
[1:39:45] – Pioneering Matte Painting techniques at 19 years old and teaching at 22 – Jessy tells us about how he ended up where he is today
[1:48:46] – Some of Jessy’s greatest inspirations and the artistic training he undertook
[1:51:45] – For aspiring Matte Painters: Jessy give advice for creating a portfolio/CV when applying for a job

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