EP 32 – Naomi Savoie – Concept Artist and Illustrator – Far Cry Primal

We are overjoyed to be joined by Naomi Savoie in the next edition of the Syn Studio podcast. Naomi is a concept artist and illustrator at Ubisoft Montreal, and she just finished working on Far Cry: Primal. We discuss about Japan, the Legend of Zelda, Virtual Reality, the Matrix and Naomi’s experiences at Ubisoft while working on Far Cry: Primal. Naomi provides valuable tips about the techniques that she uses, the importance of practicing traditional art forms and why you should never feel discouraged with your work.

“ Concept is more about conveying an idea than an actual finished, polished piece.

“ Whatever means that you use, it can be rough-looking, not really refined, but as long as you get the idea across, and the feeling: that’s what concept is.



In This Episode…

Here’s what you’ll learn:
[01:00] Far Cry:Primal – Naomi talks about her experience playing the game and working on it
[08:30] How long it takes Naomi to make a concept piece and tips to speed up the process
[08:49] Some expectations you might face when working as a concept artist
[09:16] What is the difference between Concept Art and Illustration? Is there an ideal game pitch?
[12:33] Naomi talks about her tasks, her design process and what it’s like working with various people on a game design team
[18:42] How Ubisoft’s co-op program helped guide Naomi
[20:30] Everybody starts at the bottom – Don’t feel discouraged by comparing yourself to other artists
[23:11] Techniques and resources Naomi uses
[25:20] Naomi’s big Japanese dream and how she ended up as a shrimp on Japanese T.V.
[32:29] Virtual Reality: Naomi discusses her experiences, Ubisoft’s current developments and the differences between the Vive and Occulus Rift
[37:55] The talk turns to movies and T.V. shows that have had an impact on Naomi
[44:01] Naomi’s hobbies: Oil painting and why students should start with traditional art rather than digital art
[50:33] Character design and anatomy – why it is really important to master anatomy to become good at character design
[53:48] Naomi’s tells us about “comfort game”and how her 3D background helped in designing different characters in Far Cry
[59:00] Photobashing, mashing and building over silhouettes – Naomi discusses her workflow for painting characters
[01:08:13] That’s gotta sting! How is the new Far Cry different from the old ones?



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