EP 25 – Frédéric Bennett – Senior Concept Artist at Eidos Montreal – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Conan, Transformers…

In this Syn Studio podcast, Anthony, Stephen and Bing sit down to chat with Frédéric Bennett, senior concept artist at Eidos Montreal. Frederic is currently working on the exciting upcoming game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and has worked as a concept artist in the video game industry for over 8 years! His past contributions include various projects in the Conan, Transformers, Wet and Kung Fu Panda universes. Frederic is actually one of our amazing teachers here at Syn Studio and has taught our popular Character Rendering class with wide acclaim!

“Focus your portfolio. I know it’s tempting to show off all your skills, but most of the time you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.”

In This Episode…

The Syn Studio team chat with Frédéric Bennett about not just his work on Deus Ex and the entertainment industry but his ideas on human augmentation, AI and even secret societies! Frédéric gives some tips on how to be an awesome concept artist and what the ingredients are in making a badass character, as well as his sources of inspiration. He also tells us his experiences that led him to where he is today. The insights here are important for any artist striving to work in the gaming industry as portfolio tips are given as well. We also hear of very, very exciting news concerning Syn Studio… listen on to find out!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

[01:35] Art in the Deus Ex universe: the process of creating characters
[06:55] Fred’s beginnings… how he started as a concept artist and his background in 3D modeling
[09:45] The current trends in hiring concept artists at game companies
[13:10] Fred’s opinions on 3D and concept art and what the future seems to hold
[14:25] The most important skill for students to master
[16:05] How he got interested in the entertainment industry: early inspirations
[18:00] Phases of a project as a concept artist
[24:40] Exciting talk on human augmentation! Would you do it?
[26:20] The growing dominance of Artificial Intelligence in our lives
[29:40] Fred’s dream concept art job
[31:55] Another theme of Deus Ex: Secret Societies
[39:20] Process of designing a character and a very important element in character design
[45:35] How much technical stuff do you really need to know to be a good concept artist?
[49:30] Exciting news for Syn Studio!!
[51:15] Advice for aspiring artists and closing comments

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