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    André Pijet is an art director, painter, author, illustrator, caricaturist and graphic artist who has worked, taught and exhibited throughout Canada and Europe for over thirty years. He works with major advertising agencies and publishing companies, and was recently commissioned by Google to create a mural for their Montreal headquarters. André has been published regularly in newspapers and magazines; has won over a dozen art prizes in Canada and Europe and also published six books of illustrations and caricatures.

    Donna Shvil is an accomplished figurative artist with over 25 years of experience, specializing in figure studies and realistic-style painting. Her paintings and drawings can be found in public and private collections in Canada and internationally. Recognized for her skill as a first-rate image-maker, her artwork has been featured in art magazines in both Canada and the United States.

    Rui Hao is a freelance artist and illustrator specializing in figure drawing and human anatomy. An alumni of the Sheridan Animation faculty, Rui possesses 8 years of experience as a concept and 2D artist in the video games industry, having worked for companies like NetEase and 3Mind Games. During her time at NetEase, she was involved in various MMORPG games such as Meng Huan Xi You (Fantasy Westward Journey), Tian Xia 2 and the unreleased Chuang Shi Xi You.

    Course Outline

    Learn all about drawing and its theory, practice drawing with live models and receive professional one-on-one feedback.

    Week 1 – Learn about essential materials and the basic skills of drawing.

    Week 2 – Understand form and negative space and learn all about the proportions of the face.

    Week 3 - Important perspective exercises and the proportions of the human body.

    Week 4 - Understand light and shadow with exercises on various shading techniques.

    Week 5 and 6 – Learn essential principles of composition: Figure and/or portrait drawing exercise, and sketching and gesture drawing with a live model.

    Week 7 - Perceive form, negative space and shadow shapes easily with a live model.

    Week 8 and 9 - Analyze angles, proportions and perspective and practice with live models.

    Week 10 - Unite all the basic skills of drawing to create a harmonious finished drawing with wholeness and personality.


    Section A) starts Tuesday October 2nd and is once a week from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM - English - André Pijet

    Section B) starts Tuesday October 2nd and is once a week from 8 PM to 10 PM - French - André Pijet

    Section C) starts Thursday October 4th and is once a week from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM - English - Donna Shvil

    Section D) starts Saturday October 6th and is once a week from 3 PM to 5 PM - English - Rui Hao

    Section E) starts Saturday October 6th and is once a week from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM - English - André Pijet

    Section F) starts Sunday October 7th and is once a week from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM - English - Donna Shvil

    Duration : 10 weeks

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    Learn the fundamentals of drawing: light, shade, line and form, perspective and proportion. Subjects include still life, nature, portraits and nudes using live models.

    This class is perfect for beginners and is a pre-requisite for all other classes. Everyone can learn to draw!

    Our curriculum blends classical drawing instruction (techniques of the masters) with modern teaching methods (e.g.: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) so that beginners can see rapid improvement in their skills and creativity while developing a unique style.


    This class is for beginners and there are no prerequisites.


    This is our most popular class and many sections fill up well before the deadline. $340 $310.

    The Early Registration Deadline is Wednesday the 15th of Aug at 11:59 PM.

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    • Learn the five basic skills of drawing
    • Our blend of traditional and modern teaching styles helps everyone learn to draw realistically
    • Draw in a warm and cosy atmosphere
    • Our innovative teaching methods are recognized by the English Montreal School Board where we've trained dozens of art teachers

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