Dengyijia Liu

Dengyijia Liu is a senior concept artist at AA Studios, Montreal where he is working on multiple unannounced documentary TV series as well as an unfinished historical movie for clients such as BBC Discovery and Windfall Films Ltd. A well trained and versatile concept artist, during his decade long career, Dengyijia has worked for companies such as Behaviour Interactive and Triotech Amusement on projects as varied as Mafia Wars, Deathgarden, Lego: Ninjago, Love & Hip Hop, Voyage to the Iron Reef and Microsoft Ultimate Word Games. In addition to this, he was also involved in designing military special forces equipment for Mawashi Science & Technology. Dengyijia is also an experienced art teacher with 3 years of experience.

Dengyijia teaches: Character Rendering and Digital Painting



“Excellent class! Best teacher in the world! I learned more with Syn Studio than 4 years at university! Thanks Kelly!” […]

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