Sketching for Concept Art

A 10 week course where you improve your ideation and sketching process and learn to effectively bring your ideas to life

Teacher Artwork by Chase Toole

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Teacher Artwork by Chase Toole

Sketching for Concept Art

Do you possess basic sketching skills but have trouble generating new ideas or quickly sketching out your concepts? Do you wish to improve your sketching and ideation process and gain the tools to effectively bring your ideas to life? Top concept artists are highly proficient at exploring and fleshing out their concepts through sketching without losing anything in translation.

In this 10 week course taught by a senior concept artist, you will learn to deconstruct the world through sketching and effectively brainstorm and find creative solutions for any design problem you may encounter. Through lectures, sketching assignments, field trips, in-class demos and continuous one-on-one feedback, you will learn to carefully observe, research, analyze and see the world like a professional concept artist.

You will gain inspiration and the execution skills required to rapidly and efficiently sketch a variety of concepts informed by your observation. You will become proficient in approaching a problem from different perspectives and generating multiple solutions so you can easily overcome any creative block that may hamper your design process. You will gain expertise in quickly sketching different ideas and adapting them to suit specific design requirements so you can deliver quality concept art to a production team. Finally you will learn to edit and focus on the most effective elements of your sketch that best communicate your concept and create maximum visual impact.

By the end of this course, you will have all the skills necessary to create inspired and original sketches from observation and imagination. You will have gained the ability to always find new sources of inspiration so you can enhance your creativity and deliver high quality original concepts. Furthermore, you will also have a sketchbook filled with creative concepts and observational sketches that you can be proud of.

  • Course Type Traditional Drawing Courses
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill Level Level 2
  • Language English


Tuesdays from 6 PM to 9 PM

Date of first class: January 14

Duration: 10 weeks


You need to have completed our Drawing the Human Form, Urban Sketching in Perspective and Analytical Sketching classes or possess equivalent experience to take this course. Dynamic Drawing is a recommended co-requisite for this course

Required Materials

  • 1 Fabriano spiral sketchbook, 9”x 12”, 110 g/m2 white pages
  • 1 Mixed media or marker sketchbook in a medium or small size
  • 1 pack of 4 Faber-Castell Pitt black India ink artist pens (S, F, M, B,)
  • 1 black Pilot felt or regular nib pen
  • 1 black pen Staedtler B permanent Lumocolor (duo pointes)
  • 1 mechanical pencil, graphite pencil or Col-erase
  • White gouache or white correction ink
  • 1 Warm grey alcohol marker (shade 3)
  • 3 colour markers (Student’s preference. Recommended colours are pink, blue, red and yellow.)

Course Outline

Below is the general outline. The detailed 10 week course outline will be communicated to students at a later date.

Part 1

Learn to observe, analyze, and explore interesting concepts while sketching from life and imagination. Understand how careful observation and sketching the world around you will help you build better references, generate more new ideas and maximize your creative output.

Become proficient in converting these ideas into quick functional sketches for concept design. Gain expertise in adapting these sketches to suit the design requirements of any concept art assignment. Learn how to sketch effectively to generate interesting ideas for Fantasy, Sci-Fi and other themes.

Part 2

Gain prowess sketching in real world environments during class field trips, so you can add bring real world authenticity into your concepts.

Learn to eliminate what’s not useful from from your sketches and focus on the elements that best communicate your concept and create maximum impact.


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