Due to the Covid-19 Situation, all Spring Term classes are moving online.

They will feature live streaming (+ a full access to the recorded videos) and personalized feedback on your assignments from the instructor.

You get the best value art education online or offline!

Foundations of Drawing

A 10-week foundations level drawing course designed to help you learn the basics of drawing from reference, still life and live models

Student Artwork

Foundations of Drawing

*Please note that this class is going to take place online during the Spring term. This means there will be some modifications to the course outline without affecting the overall learning objectives and outcomes of the course. The value of the online course will be similar or greater to that of the onsite course and you will still get personalized feedback on your artwork from the instructors and be able to re-watch the livestream video lectures at your leisure.

Learn the fundamentals of drawing: light, shade, line and form, perspective and proportion. Subjects include still life, portraits and nudes using live models.

This class is perfect for beginners and is a pre-requisite for all other classes. Everyone can learn to draw!

Our curriculum blends classical drawing instruction (techniques of the masters) with modern teaching methods (e.g.: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) so that beginners can see rapid improvement in their skills and creativity while developing a unique style.

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  • Course Type Traditional Drawing Courses
  • Duration 10 weeks
  • Skill Level

    This class is for people who have never taken art courses before, or would like to solidify the techniques they already have.

  • Language English and French


Section A) starts Thursday, April 9th and is once a week from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM - English - Andre Pijet

Section B) starts Thursday, April 9th and is once a week from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - French - Andre Pijet

Section C) starts Saturday, April 11th and is once a week from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM - English - Donna Shvil

Duration: 10 Weeks


This class is for beginners and there are no prerequisites.

Language requirements: For sections A and C, you need at least intermediate level English to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and can help you if you don't understand something).

For section B you need at least intermediate level in French to take this class (the teacher will use many visual examples and can help you if you don't understand something).

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Required Materials

Foundations of Drawing Section A and B - Andre Pijet

  • pencils: 1 H4, 1 HB, 1B4
  • 1 sketchbook - BOND white & mat paper (18 x 24 inches) (no glossy finish and no newsprint paper)
  • White and black pencil KOH-I-NOOR (recommended), ou prismacolor (optional)
  • Kneadable special cleaning rubber
  • White eraser (Stadler or other company)
  • Sharpener
  • One small box of charcoal sticks (or 3 to 4 sticks of charcoal)


Foundations of Drawing Section C - Donna Shvil

  • Pencils: 1 HB, 1 B, 1 2B (we recommend Derwent or Staedtler)
  • A sharpener of good quality
  • Erasers: Kneaded eraser, white eraser, pen shape white eraser
  • Sketchbook, white pages (11x14 recommended, should be able to remove individual sheets easily)
  • Tracing paper 9x12 (very translucent) the recommended brand is Canson - Foundation Series
  • 1 white pencil; Faber Castel Polychromos

Optional but used in most classes:

  • White Bristol Vellum paper pad
  • Kraft paper 3 Pages

* - List subject to change, the official material list will be sent before the beginning of the term.


Tech Requirements for Attending Syn Studio Online Classes

Minimum Requirements

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 600kbps bandwidth (up/down).
  • A Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a single core processor (at least 1 GHZ processing speed) or a smartphone/tablet with equivalent processing capabilities
  • Good speakers/earphones to listen to the classes 
  • Browser - IE7+, Safari 5+, Firefox, Chrome 
  • Operating System - Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6, Linux distro based on 3.0 kernel, Android 5.0, iOS 10


Syn Studio Recommendations

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 1.5Mbps bandwidth (up/down). You can also connect to the internet directly using your ethernet cable to improve your experience.
  • Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a dual core processor with at least 2 GHZ processing speed and a 4 GB RAM
  • High Quality speakers/earphones to listen to the classes
  • Browser & Operating System - We recommend using the latest version of the browser and operating system for an optimal online classroom experience.
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Course Outline

Learn all about drawing and its theory, practice drawing with live models and receive professional one-on-one feedback.

*Please note that this outline is from the last time we held this class and we may make some updates and improvements for the coming term

Week 1 – Learn about essential materials and the basic skills of drawing.

Week 2 – Understand form and negative space and learn all about the proportions of the face.

Week 3 - Important perspective exercises and the proportions of the human body.

Week 4 - Understand light and shadow with exercises on various shading techniques.

Week 5 and 6 – Learn essential principles of composition: Figure and/or portrait drawing exercise, and sketching and gesture drawing with a live model.

Week 7 - Perceive form, negative space and shadow shapes easily with a live model.

Week 8 and 9 - Analyze angles, proportions and perspective and practice with live models.

Week 10 - Unite all the basic skills of drawing to create a harmonious finished drawing with wholeness and personality.

Check out the entire outline


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