Concept Art and Illustration Classes

Intro to Digital Painting

Level ••••

  • Strengthen your art fundamentals and become proficient with using your tablet so you can create competent digital sketches
  • Gain proficiency in the most essential Photoshop tools and adjustments that concept artists use everyday
  • Gain expertise in creating and customizing your own brushes in Photoshop to improve your workflow, explore inspiring shapes and create desired effects

Digital Painting

Level •••

  • Learn to maximize your efficiency with a master of speedpainting
  • Master the 5 most useful tools in Photoshop
  • Understand how to avoid the 3 common mistakes that slow your progress and hinder your painting

Digital Sketching for Production

Level •••

  • Gain mastery in the fundamentals so you can create stunningly realistic digital illustration
  • Learn how to draw and render effectively and efficiently using Photoshop
  • Understand how to leverage your increased knowledge of fundamentals so you can speed up your workflow while creating more credible concept art

Intro to Concept Art

Level •••

  • Become proficient in a powerful method of visual communication so you can convey your ideas through your concepts in a compelling manner
  • Gain proficiency in shape design and language so you can easily create multiple concepts with differing personalities
  • Acquire expertise in all the steps in the concept art process so you can create visually stunning concept art pieces

Environment Sketching (French)

Level ••••

  • Enhance your observation skills so you can improve your visual memory and quickly sketch environment concepts in an efficient manner
  • Gain proficiency in effectively composing an image so you can produce captivating environment sketches that enhance the viewer’s visual experience
  • Learn the essential skills required to accurately measure complex angles from life and depict elements of the natural world so you can accurately sketch a variety of visually appealing landscapes

Character Rendering

Level •••

  • Become proficient posing and painting your characters and giving them a feeling of weight and volume.
  • Understand the five most common mistakes which make your character paintings look unprofessional and learn to avoid them
  • Learn the best methods for rendering skin, hair and clothing.

Composition, Lighting and Illustration

Level ••••

  • Become proficient in the essential principles of composition so you can create realistic and visually compelling illustrations
  • Acquire the skills to quickly create a variety of unique and interesting thumbnail sketches so you have strong base for your final illustration.
  • Learn how to effectively choose the optimal light source so you can create the desired mood and atmosphere for your illustrations

Environment Design

Level ••••

  • Understand the best methods and techniques for designing landscapes and cityscapes
  • Learn to avoid the 3 critical mistakes which diminish the impact of your environment
  • Master the art of creating atmosphere and haze without losing details

Portfolio Development

Level ••••

  • Gain essential skills and get one-on-one coaching from a top concept artist so you can take each of your portfolio pieces to the next level - up to AAA level quality!
  • Become proficient in identifying your strengths and specialization so you can modify your portfolio to showcase your competencies and artistic direction
  • Avoid the pitfalls that reduce the effectiveness of your portfolio so you can build a portfolio that can make you a top candidate for any top educational program, AAA or Indie job

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