EP 22 – Comic Book Artist Panel with Salgood Sam, Thierry Labrosse and Jose Holder (worked with Marvel, DC Comics and French BD publishers and published independently as well)

This is a special podcast recorded at the Montreal Comic Salon event at Syn Studio. It’s a comic-book making panel with three industry veterans: Salgood Sam, Thierry Labrosse and Jose Holder.

Salgood Sam is now an independent comic book publisher worked with Marvel and DC comics in the early 90s on series including “Dr. Strange”, “Wonder Woman”, “Spider-Man 2099” and “Ghostbusters.”

Jose Holder is a veteran comic book artist as well as writer/director/producer, storyboard artists and concept artist for film, television and videogames. His clients include Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Marvel and IDW.

Thierry Labrosse started doing storyboarding for advertising and animated TV series. He has since transitioned to the world of BD as an award winning comic book artist, writer as well as cover illustrator for several major French publishers.

These panelists give answers to audience questions about their process and how to be successful that are sure to enlighten aspiring artists.

(Title image by Thierry Labrosse)

“You have to develop a love for learning. Even if you become great, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be successful. But if you have a love for learning then you’ve already created a lifestyle for yourself that incorporates a certain amount of contentment.”

In This Episode…

Our panel tackles not only the technicalities of comic-book making but also the mindset and type of motivation that are necessary to succeed. The skills and knowledge required to become a successful comic book artist is a similar to that required to be a successful commercial artist in general. Presenting the right portfolio, learning about the industry, and managing your time efficiently are key. The panelists also talk about meaningful personal experiences and their particular workflow for making comics. This inspiring and insightful discussion will help clarify your path not only as an artist but for life in general. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • [00:25] Panelist introductions
  • [01:55] How to execute your ideas when having characters and stories in mind
  • [04:05] The creation process and making progress
  • [08:15] The public personality of established artists and the importance of portfolio reviews
  • [12:00] Artists of the present and the future: what is involved and what will be involved
  • [15:30] The necessary skills and requirements when trying to make it as an artist today
  • [19:00] The importance of entrepreneurial skills
  • [21:20] Should success be a priority?
  • [26:45] Panelists talk about the importance of motivation and drive for an artist and their experiences with feeling insecure about their artwork
  • [30:00] The importance of understanding the industry and reverse-engineering your portfolio
  • [33:45] Working on a comic: how the panelists divide their time, from the writing, to the drawing, to the colouring
  • [45:20] The importance of studying other mediums and other forms of art
  • [52:15] Closing comments

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Even More…

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