EP 17 – Bruno Gauthier Leblanc – Working as a Character Designer in Games – Worked on Deus Ex, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Rainbox Six games

In this episode, we talk with Bruno Gauthier Leblanc. Bruno is currently at Eidos Montreal where he is a senior concept artist specializing in character design. He recently finished working on Deus Ex: Universe and is now on a top-secret unannounced project. He has also worked for Ubisoft where he designed the iconic character Vass for Far Cry 3, considered one of the best “villains” in the history of gaming.

Bruno has also also designed characters for brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six..

“Working on the Rainbow Six games […] you can’t go creating crazy huge sci-fi armor and the guy being super fat because then, people will be like: ‘Fat SWAT members don’t exist.’…” -Bruno Gauthier Leblanc on his work on Rainbow Six [35:40]

During the podcast Bruno discusses his experience in the video game industry and reflects upon his passion for new technology, video games, film and animation. You will learn which artists were his main influences and how he came to specialize in the creation of characters. Bruno also reveals a few of the best tips that he has acquired throughout his career for creating unique and iconic character designs.

Another episode not to be missed!

In This Episode…

Here are some highlights from this podcast:

  • The difference between working at Ubisoft Montreal and Eidos Montreal [1:20]
  • How Bruno became concept artist specializing in character creation at Ubisoft [6:50]
  • What is a creative director and how do they interact with the art director? [8:34]
  • Creating Vaas (Far Cry 3). What were the main stages of the creation process? [12:35]
  • How does motion capture influence the work of artists? [16:30]
  • Bruno’s experience in art direction on Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer [19:40]
  • His views on Last of Us Naughty Dog [22:50]
  • What comics, movies and video games influenced him in his youth? [26:58]
  • Some tips and tricks when working from a human figure [36:05]
  • Tips for students who want to break into the industry. [49:05]
  • The meeting with Tyler West that changed his career. [50:55]
  • Bruno’s favourite character artists. [51:33]
  • How to design a unique character [57:10]
  • New technology and future advances. [1:06:00]

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