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New Syn Studio Animation Bundles

Teacher Artwork by Krist Miha

The animation medium has been enriching our lives for years. It can be termed as the first artistic impulse that we humans had and acted upon to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings. From the earliest cartoons of the 20th century to the latest blockbuster Disney and Pixar movies, the animation medium has played a huge role in allowing artists to bring to life magical stories that would have otherwise not been possible!

To help students with a specific interest in animation pursue their dreams, Syn Studio have launched their latest offering – The Syn Studio Animation Bundles. The Animation Bundles are a great opportunity for students looking to learn the theories of animation and upgrade from basic traditional animation techniques to more advanced digital methods.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum of these classes has been designed by prolific former Disney animator and experienced instructor, Mike Wiesmeier.  Mike’s work has been featured in many of our favourite and classic Disney films of the nineties such as Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Fantasia 2000, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast as well as shows like F is For Family! The Animation Bundles are your best option to learn the tricks of the trade as well as the latest techniques from a master animator without burning a hole in your pocket. 

With Syn Studio’s Animation Bundle, students will acquire considerable knowledge as well as practical experience with hand-drawn, frame-by-frame 2D digital animation, 2D cutout animation, and quick figure sketching techniques. They will learn to communicate action, story, and performance, and gain a solid foundation in animation. Students who complete these courses will be prepared to pursue further advanced animation studies, or to challenge their knowledge and skill by applying for entry-level work in the industry.

Advantages and Features

By enrolling in this Animation Bundle, you can take 3 ($995 USD), 4 ($1,290 USD), or 5 ($1,575 USD) classes whenever you want, depending on class availability.

You cannot take more than 2 classes per term. This is to ensure that you are not overloaded with animation classes and have time to concentrate on other classes you might want to take. 

Students willing to enroll in this bundle should have completed either our Analytical Sketching or Drawing the Human Form or (or have the equivalent experience).

Suggested Order

You can choose to take the classes in whatever order you want, but we believe this would be the order that will help you learn progressively and achieve the best results possible!

  • Figure Sketching for Animation
  • Intro to Animation
  • Animal Sketching for Animation
  • Intro to Animation 2
  • Cut-Out Animation

You may, however, choose to group classes together each term in this way:

(Term 1) Figure Sketching for Animation & Intro to Animation

(Term 2) Animal Sketching for Animation & Intro to Animation 2

(Term 3) Cut-Out Animation


We are currently accepting applications for the following terms – Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Winter 2024 and Spring 2024!

You can learn more about our Animation Bundles register for any of the above mentioned terms herehttps://synstudio.ca/syn-studio-animation-bundles/

Happy Learning!


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