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Syn Studio

"Great artists are NOT born

They are made"

At Syn Studio, we believe in the power of training over talent. Since 2007, we’ve been helping passionate and dedicated students master the fundamentals and learn high level design and digital illustration skills: The skills they now use professionally to create mind-blowing concepts and visuals for the next generation of entertainment media.

at World-Renowned companies including:

Our instructors

Concept art is a quickly evolving field so it is critical that you learn from professionals who are working in the industry right now (and not five or ten years ago). Over a dozen top concept artists teach part time at Syn Studio so you can be directed, corrected, coached and mentored by the best in the industry right now!

Teachers for the Winter 2017 term:


Jeong H. Shin

Jeong H. Shin is currently a senior concept artist at Ubisoft. His unique designs can be seen in blockbuster titles such as For Honor, Watchdogs and Far Cry 3 and 4. He studied with world-renowned vehicle and entertainment designer Scott Robertson at Art Center College of Design. Robertson’s tutelage, as well as Shin’s own background in industrial, vehicle and entertainment design led him to tenure at General Motors as a senior creative designer. There, Shin designed two Chevrolet (Cruze and Sonic) vehicles that are currently on the road. While concept designer at Mattel, Shin designed cars for Hotwheels Battleforce 5, the animated series.

Jeong is teaching Sketching for Production in the Concept Art Diploma Program.


Eric Gagnon

Eric Gagnon is a senior concept artist and art director for gaming, film and television, in addition to having six years of teaching experience at the university level. He is presently working as a lead senior concept artist at Warner Bros Games Montreal FOR AAA games in the DC Universe francise. Previously, he’s worked at various gaming companies such as Eidos, Gameloft and Behavior, as well as animation and production studios such as Digital District, Ciné-Groupe Animation and Studio Pascal Blais. His other credits include Batman Arkham Origins franchise, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Kim Possible, Ballerina, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and many 2D and 3D animated television shows.

Eric is teaching Image Integration in the Concept Art Diploma Program. He also taught the "How To Sketch" module in Sketching for Production course in the Fall 2016 term.


Oleg Dergachov

Oleg Dergachov is an art director, fine artist, cartoonist, animator, and illustrator trained by the Ukrainian Academy. He has won over 85 international prizes and his work is displayed in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow, the Cirque du Soleil collection as well as other prestigious art museums and public collection. He has taught for 16 years in prestigious universities, design schools and animation academies in 6 countries.

Oleg is teaching Anatomy Study in the Concept Art Diploma Program.


Benoit Massé

Benoit Massé is a web and graphic designer with over 10 years of freelance and in-house experience, having worked various companies such as Lg2, SAT and Ubisoft, where he was the Director of Presentation/User Interface, for ShapeUP, a Kinect based sport game. His freelance portfolio includes a broad range of projects such as motion concept for Baku 2015 European Games, motion mapping video for Luminothérapie, designing e-commerce websites for companies like Velvet Moustache and Bonlook, among others. He is also a two time Applied Arts Magazine’s Graphics Design Winner for his works “Ecodrain” (2012) and “This is Digital Marketing” (2011). Benoit is currently working as a UI designer at Shopify, where he creates visual designs that help improve the user experience for entrepreneurs using the e-commerce platform.

Benoit is teaching Visual Communication in the Concept Art Diploma Program.

Teachers for the Fall 2016 term:


Thierry Doizon

Thierry Doizon aka Barontieri was a former Art Director at Square Enix Montreal where he was responsible for Lara Croft GO, Apple’s mobile game of the year. A Senior Concept Artist and Art Director with 20 years of industry experience, he has worked for a variety of companies around the globe such as Ubisoft, Disney Interactive and Eidos. One of the Co-Founders of Steambot Studios, Thierry has taught at the college level and been a speaker at various workshops and conferences such Disney Imagineering, ADAPT, Ubisoft Campus, MIGS, FIEA, Massive Black and The Gnomon Workshop, for whom he has also released an instructional DVD (Character Design Pipeline: Production Art & Research Techniques with BARONTiERi). Thierry’s other credits include Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia, Deus Ex: Human Revolutions and Tron: Legacy, among others. His work has been featured in “Exodyssey: Visual Development of an Epic Adventure” and “Steampainting: SPARK - Creative process”, both by Steambot Studios.

Thierry is the Director of Studies at Syn Studio. He is also the Chair of the Concept Art Diploma Program.


Christian Robert de Massy

Christian Robert de Massy is one of the film industry’s best kept secrets. He’s been working for the last 8 years as a freelance concept artist and illustrator on films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past, Snow White and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All without ever having put any artwork online (until now). He’s known for his incredible speed and the beauty of his environment paintings and he’s a popular teacher here at Syn Studio.

Christian is taking a break this semester. We expect him to be back to teach at Syn Studio soon.


Francis Back

Francis Back is an illustrator and storyboard artist who studied Fine Arts in Switzerland and who has worked on over a hundred Canadian and American TV and film productions, such as Spyderwick Chronicles, Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and the Academy Award nominated film Incendie. Francis also did storyboards, and concept art, for three Cirque du Soleil shows including Ka by director Robert Lepage and he’s worked on educational films for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Francis has over 20 years of experience teaching storyboarding in Montreal and in Taiwan.

Francis is taking a break this semester. We expect him to be back to teach at Syn Studio soon.


Daniel Kvasznicza

Daniel Kvasznicza is a concept artist, illustrator and matte painter with over 10 years of industry experience. He’s worked on AAA franchises including Batman: Arkham Origins, Starcraft, Far Cry, Dishonoured, Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Fallout, Deus Ex and Assassin’s Creed and is currently working as a senior concept artist at Warner Brother Games Montreal. He’s a technical wizard who’s created pipelines, software, scripts, brushes and other tools. Some of his jaw-dropping concept art has been featured on several E3 posters! He is also a sought after instructor who’s given popular classes and workshops in concept design, illustration and 3D to students and professionals at Alpha Vision, Meduzarts and here at Syn Studio!

Daniel is taking a break this semester. We expect him to be back to teach at Syn Studio soon.


Frédéric Bennett

Frédéric Bennett is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Eidos Montreal, in charge of designing characters for the latest Deus Ex game. During his eight years as a concept artist working mainly in the games’ industry, he has contributed to projects in the Conan, Transformers, Wet and Kung Fu Panda universes. Frédéric is a very well appreciated teacher by his students from his Character Rendering class.

Frédéric is taking a break this semester. We expect him to be back to teach at Syn Studio soon.


Jessy Veilleux

Jessy Veilleux is the founder and creative director of Meduzarts, a digital environment and character design studio, and the creative director of Digital Dimension. Combining a background in fine arts with his passion for digital work, Jessy’s unique approach and artistic eye has led to his work being featured in a lot of high profile movies and video games such as StarWars, The Force Unleashed II, Avatar VG, 300, AION, FallOut 3, SinCity, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen VG, Assassin’s Creed II, Prince of Persia II and Mortal Kombat X, among others. Jessy has been teaching for 10 years at Centre NAD in Montreal, where he was instrumental in creating the university’s first digital matte curriculum. A recipient of several awards including the CG Talk choice award and the XSI Gallery Award, Jessy’s work has been featured in several publications such as Exposé 5, and the CG Channel.

Jessy is taking a break this semester. We expect him to be back to teach at Syn Studio soon.

Our instructors have designed the characters, creatures, environments, props and vehicles for your favourite movies and games such as:

Syn Studio instructors and alumni are designing the characters, creatures, environments, vehicles and props for the world’s most exciting and top secret AAA video games and blockbuster films!


Syn Studio is an accredited private college. Our accreditation is at the highest possible level: the accrediting body being the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research of the province of Quebec. We are the first and only school in Quebec that is licensed to give a college level diploma in Concept Art. The degree given is an attestation of college studies (AEC) and is an internationally recognized professional degree. Receiving the diploma signifies that the student is ready to enter the job market as a concept artist.

Special thanks

Syn Studio wishes to thank the dozens of top concept artists and educators worldwide who met with us to advise us in the creation of an elite concept art training program. In particular, we wish to give thanks to the legendary concept artist and world renowned educator Scott Robertson for generously donating his time and sharing his expertise with us on several occasions. We’d also like to thank the following artists and educators, mentioned in the “special thanks” sections of our application to the Ministry of Education, who officially participated in the process of developing and evaluating our program and application for accreditation.

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